Attaining the age of thirty is mostly seen as a Milestone with its predominant feeling of anxiety especially by the Singles.

This stage in life comes with alot of thoughts and expectations that if not properly handled can lead to desperation, depression and frustration.

Most times, parental support turns into parental pressure; Eagerness to meet up with societal expectation, career advancement, marriage and motherhood amongst others beclouds one’s thought. The height of it all is the fear of Menopause especially by the Single ladies whose dream is to experience motherhood

Marriage is not a problem solver, but makes life complicated if you are not emotionally, mentally, financially etc ready for it. And this readiness has nothing to do with age.

We all move at different pace in life, Be focused on your own race and keep moving. Once you are moving, every other thing will gradually fall into place.

Finally, just before you walk down that aisle, be sure you have courage of your own Convictions.

Author Credit   : Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer