Dr. Linus Okorie's Governorship Bid and the Youths of Imo State

Sat 18th August, 2019  Dr. Linus Okorie a Frontline Imo Gubernatorial Aspirant under the platform of Young Progressive Party had a conversation with Imo.

Speaking with newsmen shortly after the conversation, Mr Ikechukwu Anyanwu -the Publisher of Arise Africa Magazine said  "Africa is indeed arising with the likes of Linus Okorie.  Show me a man with vision,  integrity,  passion, capacity and leadership competencies to make a positive difference in governance and I would show you this man who had gathered us here today.  I have known him for two decades.
I am thrilled listening to him as he reveals his blueprint and plans towards ushering us into an Imo  filled with endless possibilities. A new normal is possible "

Similarly  Clinton Ogu  took time on the social media sharing his thoughts on the event.  According to him " I took time  to download most of the wishes and aspirations of youths who attended the programme. All their talks centred on the need for Dr. Linus Okorie to harness their inherent intelligence and strength towards towards a prosperous Imo that will reduce youth unemployment and vices. From the intelligent questions  asked and suggestions made you could see the quality of youths who have come to associate with Dr. Linus Okorie. It also gives one the impression that there is hope for the youths when the system starts working."

"Of note was that of a young man who said that Imo Youths are intelligent and technologically savvy and there is the urgent need to redirect such skills often deployed in yahoo-yahoo or cybercrime into the area of  App/ Programme Development and security intelligence. The young man's observation and that of others are valid but bulk of the problems and their solutions resides with this very important public - the YOUTHS."

Dr. Linus Okorie is a youth of 44 years of age. As a youth, the problem of youths are his problems too. He feels and complains about it too but the only difference is that he has got solutions to these problems. I am glad he gave the youths a categorical plan for them which among others includes: setting up a digital/ technological hub in Imo State, setting up a world class technical education programme that will see the skills of our youths being harnessed locally and internationally, encouraging a premier league fashioned football development process where private operators will be encouraged to own and run football clubs with a view to exporting the prevalent football skills in our State. There are obviously a whole lot in the kitty for our youths under a Dr. Linus Okorie Government in Imo.

Like I said earlier, the problem of the youths can only be solved by the youths. How? Dr. Linus Okorie is a youth like us and for the past one year he showed interest to run for Governor he has committed his time, money and talent towards seeing that he becomes our Governor. A Dr Linus Okorie government is a plus for the Imo youths and begins our journey towards  economic emancipation.

Imo Youths!  Let's do all within our power to ensure that Dr Linus Okorie emerge as our Governor come 2019. It obviously not going to be easy because you will be tempted with cash and material gifts. You will even be intimidated but remain resolute in our collective will to make Dr Linus Okorie our Governor.

Forget the handouts aimed at forestalling your emancipation and look at the bigger picture with Dr Linus Okorie. Even a N2million given to you to campaign or vote wrongly is not your true worth when compared with the amount you stand to gain in a system that is working. That system is what Dr Linus Okorie will bring!