The Humanitarian Service Award of the Year Nominee Unveiled.

Hon Engr Ndubisi Emenike was recently nominated for Awards at the upcoming Arise Afrika Awards 2018.

Engineer Ndubuisi Emenike is the founder of Ndubuisi Emenike Foundation. He is from Umuduru-Nsu in Ehime Mbano Local Government Area, Imo State, Nigeria. A graduate of Petroleum Engineering from Federal University of Technology Owerri FUTO

He is a business mogul. An oil and real estate guru.

Ndubuisi Emenike Foundation is helping humanity and empowering the young people. It is targeted at giving succor to the downtrodden and making lives worth living. Emenike Foundation is preparing the youths to seek for leadership awareness. The foundation was established in 2007 and has been making positive impact in the lives of people.

The foundation has done a lot in terms of Agriculture too, by providing funds to Imolites to start off agricultural best practices. Many are engaged in small scale farming , poultry, fishery, snailery,  and aquaculture. 
Beneficiaries of this empowerment program have improved farming outputs, others are now major distributors of eggs, among others. Through that,  many can now boast of sustainable living.

The foundation has also helped indigent children through scholarships, provision of shelter , amenities and clothing.

For the unemployed graduates/undergraduates, Ndubuisi Foundation has continuously empowered thousands of Imolites and beyond. Engaging thousands in various skills acquisition programs. Upon the completion of these trainings, they are empowered with start up tools/kits

On health sector, the foundation has built the best health center in Umuduru/Umuopara Ndu in Ehime Mbano so as to reach out to those with health challenges .

The foundation has also paid lots of hospital bills of indigent patient who obviously can't afford the bills

Hon Engr Ndubisi Emenike is nominated for Awards at the upcoming Arise Afrika Awards 2018.

His Foundations is also on the nomination as we reflect on those raising the beautiful continent of Africa and seek ways of paying tribute to them.

Plan to attend this memorable event scheduled for July 28th at Rockview Hotels Owerri.

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