It was an electrifying moment of joy, and intense feelings of excitement, as Goodlight Foundation put smiles on the faces of some Imo State indigenes.

In keeping to her core value of radiating humanity in the most possible ways, the President/ Founder, Sir Stanley AMUCHIE, today, demonstrated his ardent commitment to ensuring that humanity gets better by putting smiles on the faces of people who feels neglected and abandoned.

Uncontrollable tears of joy, ravaged the entire Goodlight Foundation Office when at the instance of the President, needs ranging from provision of financial assistance for an artificial leg support, payment of eye treatment bills for blind people, and payment of medical bills of diverse ailments, educational support and assistance, setting up of business for a mother of three kids displaced from the North as a result of Boko Haram insurgency, setting up of business for a helpless boy, as well as providing a financial assistance to enable a young girl enroll in a skill acquisition programme amongst others, were met.

The beneficiaries who could not hide their joy, were full of tears while they prayed fervently and rained torrents of blessings on the Founder of Goodlight Foundation Sir Stanley AMUCHIE whom they described as one of the best things that happened to humanity, especially, IMO State. They recapped in pull of tears, how long they have stayed waiting for help from people which never came till today. In their speeches, they took turns to reiterate the importance of having a man like Sir Stanley AMUCHIE in top leadership positions and governance in our state and nation, insisting, that his likes with a flowing milk of human kindness, can better understand the plight of the people with urgent and pragmatic approaches to solving them.

Speaking in the occasion, the Goodlight Foundation team, reminded the beneficiaries that Sir Stanley Amuchie's benevolence is not borne out of reaches,  but purely as a result of his understanding that for our society to get better, every body regardless of your social status must get involved. They reiterated Sir Stanley's vision of provoking the spirit of "Onye Ahala nwanne ya" as the panacea to solving the myriads of daunting challenges bedeviling our today's society.
Both the beneficiaries and the entire GLFteam alike, were full of praises to God and to the President of Goodlight Foundation Sir Stanley AMUCHIE for such an unprecedented show of love to people he neither new nor met before.
To God be the glory.
It's a great day!