My Radio FM and Gold Fm are trailblazers


With a strong commitment to offering the highest service standards that translates to building relationships that last, My Radio FM and Gold FM has become the trailblazers in the south east.

It is located in a very  serene environment at Akabo Ikeduru. Bringing the Radio station back home to the people was as a result of the foresight of Amb. Uche Ogbuagu

The studio, radio station, admin blocks are exquisitely furnished
One can enjoy irresistible meal at the restaurant

Since radio broadcast has so much been made to serve the highest bidder and the high in the society.

The Radio station was born out of  the vision of being a voice to the voiceless, the advocate of the less privileged, while also being the most credible purveyor of government policies and programmes.

The resolve of My Radio FM is to serve the general interest of the people, striving to be the best in and out of season.
This is what radio should be and this is our standpoint.

My Radio FM was established  on the following mission statement :

To Be a Broadcast Medium that will do things differently in the Interest of all.

To be unbiased in the dissemination of news and other programme packages.

To bring the authenticity of radio broadcast to reflect what radio should really be

In achieving all these, objectivity, fairness, fearlessness and inclusiveness should be our operational guideline.

Touch your dial to My Radio FM on 101.1