Women In Politics

In conjunction with the United Nations 2018 International Women's Day Celebration, "She Governs Campaign" organized a women seminar at Federal University of Technology Owerri.


It's all about pressing for progress, pushing it forward, how to start implementing some of the things we have been learning and also trying to let young girls know that if you strategically position yourself you can actually get people that can help you.

Basically, what we women analyse is to see how we can implement more women to come out and be ready to go into the field of politics and leadership.

Mrs Blessing Duru one of the Keynote Speakers  said......"Rather than we the women seating back and allowing politics pass without us knowing what is happening , we can actually decide on training ourselves, getting mentors or being mentees to mentors that can groom us, train us, teach us on how to position ourselves strategically".

She also talked about GEOBILLS, gender equality, knowing the happenings around us and  within Nigeria and basically, pressing for progress and that the time is now and we must grab it to the Fullest with no time to waste.

Source: Infoscope