Thy Kingdom Come by Pst Emmanuel Itua

It is a glorious First Sunday of March 2018. And the Snr Pastor FirstLove Assembly, Owerri ministered on "Thy Kingdom Come"
Taking his text from Matt 6:9-13, Ps 103:19-22

The kingdom of God coming or the manifestation of the kingdom of God is the agenda of God. Matt 6:10. In the beginning there was oneness. Man could hear the voice of God. There was familiarity, closeness.

Thy kingdom come is a prayer. It's a prayer that changes things, That activates heaven in the affairs of men.

Kingdom is a realm or region where something is dominant. It's an area or domain where someone holds a prominent position.

God is king  and every king has a kingdom.1 Tim 1:17. When we say Thy Kingdom come, it is a domain where God's will is fulfilled unhindered.

There are different types of kingdom;
1. The kingdom of men. 1 Sam 13:13, Dan 4:17, 1 Sam 2:8.
2. The kingdom of darkness. Col 1:13, Matt 12:26, Acts 8:12
3. The kingdom if God. Ps 145:1-13, Col 1:16-19

Fact about the kingdom of God;
The kingdom of God is heavenly where God is Supreme. It is divine. His territory includes the whole universe. The question now is "Is your life under His rule?". The kingdom of God is the rule of God. Are you submissive to His rule?

How does God manifest His rule?
1. God rules through His creations. Ps 103:19-20, Ps 66:7. His creations are His treasures.

2. God rules through Purpose. Eccl 3:1, Prov 19:21. God rules through purpose, He designed everyone of us to fulfill purpose. Acts 4:27-28, Isa 46:10. The counsel of the Lord shall stand. He has destined you for certain things and you can't alter it. Jer 1:5

3. God rules through providence. He keeps and guides you. He is working behind the scene. God is the sustaining force of all things. Heb 1:1-3

4. God rules through justice. 1 Cor 3:8. He is the fair judge. You can't manipulate him. 1 Sam 2:10

5. God rules through provision. Ps 104:27-30. It is what He gives that you're able to gather.

When we say Thy kingdom Come, then we say we are submitting to His rule in our lives.
Is he reigning in your life? Is God's will prevailing in your life?

Thy kingdom come is not a chant. It's a prayer of submission to God's rule in our lives.

1. Let your kingdom come in my life Lord. Come and reign in my life.
2. Lord during this anniversary,let Your kingdom reign. Reign in the hearts of men.