Pst Simeon Afolabi Speaks on Tithing, Christians In Politics and Medicine In The Venom

Pst Simeon Afolabi speaks on various issues ranging from Thithing, Christians In Politics, Medicine in the Venom.

He charges believers to always glorify God in whatever situation/experiences they are passing through because God will turn it around for their good.

Taking his text from Deut 28:41. He said: Paul while speaking to the Corinthians told the church. "When you gather in worship days, everyone shoulf set aside something as the Lord has prospered you" Tithe is the way everyone can give proportionately as God prospers you.
The controversy about tithing is a distraction. A distraction from the devil dictating what the church should talk and think about.

The first point to note about tithing is that it should be done willingly. I believe in tithing and I practice it. Tithing is the simplest way to make everyone give proportionately as God prospered them. God doesn't rate our giving by volume but by proportion. Gen 14:20. Heb 6:20. Abraham gave tithe to Melchisedec and Jesus is an high priest after the order of Melchisedec. Heb 7:2.

Judges 14:5-18

He also noted:
"It is about time, we get involved in governance. How many of us know our LGA Chairman. Most times we are indifferent, most people dont care.
How can we as believers not be interested in an area that have influence over our lives.
You are not recognized as existing until one is issued a Birth Certificate.
Neither is your marriage without Marriage Certificate etc
That can show how important Govt. is.
Policies and decisions taken by govt affects every aspect of our lives that is why we all must get ready.

This year, we would train and develop our people so as to be ready in taking up leadership positions.

Speaking to the congregation, Pst Afolabi said: "You don't change a winning team. When the devil gets a working pattern against an individual, he keeps at it.

Biblical teaching of children is a continuous subject. Everything created by God has a place and a purpose.

There is medicine in the venom.
The costliest liquid on earth is the venom of a scorpion. The question is this; how can something so venomous be so costly? It is costly because of several medical applications.
The venom of scorpion has about 5 Million unstudied compound and as such is referred to as cocktail of vail active compound. It has been discovered to show anti-malaria activity. Vidatos-cubas miracle drugs developed from venom of blue scorpion has been tested in over 10,000 cancer patients.

In life, even the things that stung us will have value over time. It's only God that can use fire to quench fire.

Out of the venom of your experiences in life will come forth great medicine for you and others.

Lord that venom from that sting,neutralize it and make medicine out of it.