Pst Simeon Afolabi Speaks on Thy Kingdom Come

Pastor Simeon Afolabi of First Love Assembly ministering today took his text from Matt 4:17,23, Matt 9:35, Matt 10:1,5-7, Matt 24:14, Matt 6:33
Said : "God is too big to be programmed. As humans we do our plans but in the long run,the counsel of the Lord shall stand.

Your dance steps are a function of the drumbeat that you hear.

The business of God is the gospel of the kingdom. The blessings are just addendum. But most go for the addendum and leave the business itself. Matt 4:17,23, Matt 9:35, Matt 10:1,5-7. Jesus began preaching about the kingdom of God and when He sent them out, He gave them same assignment. Matt 24:14. It is the preaching of the gospel in the global stage that will signal the end.

When you seek the kingdom of God there is nothing else to seek. Matt 6:33.

What is paramount in the heart of God should be paramount in your heart as a child of God.

The kingdom of God
1. See the kingdom of God as a geographical expression. When the physical geographical location of the kingdom of God becomes a reality, many will flow into and meet historical figures. Matt 8:11, Matt 19:28-29. Rulership in the kingdom of God is not by election but by appointment. There will be rulers in the kingdom of God. There will be responsibilities. There is a hundred-fold promise but the time is at the time of regeneration. Matt 19:29

When the physical expression of the kingdom of God is underway;
1. Nations will stop learning the acts of war. Isa 2:1-4.
2. Genetic modification in the animal kingdom. Isa 11:1-9. Seemingly contradictory things begin to happen.
3. No fear of death. Death has lost its power.
4. No fruitless labour.

The subject of the kingdom of God should be the most exciting subject within the body of Christ. 1 John 3:1-3

2. The kingdom of God as an experience. The kingdom of God is not just an expression that we must entered into, it is also an experience we can have. John 3:3,5-7. The kingdom of God is a realm of experience we enter into at new birth. If you don't experience it now, you can't enter into it then in the regeneration. The kingdom enters into you at new birth and by and by, you enter into the kingdom at the regeneration.

The fear of the Lord does not automatically translates to financial intelligence.