Kigali the capital of Rwanda rated the most beautiful city in Africa --Dr Ikedi Ohakim

Former Governor Imo State , His Excellency Dr Ikedi Ohakim took to his social media handle to reveal that The Clean and Green Initiative wasn't a political ideology

Acording to Ochinawata, 'it was an initiative tailored towards ensuring the social and economic development of the people through a healthy, clean and progressive environment."

He also said: "Recently, Kigali the capital of Rwanda was rated the most beautiful city in Africa and the third greenest city in the world by the United Nations. Once upon a time, Imo was the cleanest and greenest state in Nigeria and probably, if that pace had been maintained and built upon, might even have been the city to receive this international recognition.

 According to the World Health Organization, trees in urban areas help save a lot of lives as they soak up pollution and cool down deadly heat waves and the Clean and Green Initiative along with ensuring a clean environment was geared towards a green Imo State to ensure the long term health of our people as recommended by WHO. The initiative also provided jobs especially for our youths. Today Clean and Green has taken a global outlook as many countries desirous for the healthy living of their citizenry have embarked on Clean and Green Progams, something Imo State had the vision to start years ago before them. I'm confident we will regain all we have lost. We just need to forward together, hand in hand to secure a better future for the next generation.