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Speaker: Mr Ugochukwu Omeugo


It is knowledge that births vision for direction.
The Word of God tells you what God can do with what you can do.

Wealth is a science. There are simple steps that you ought to take for you to get to the top.

When i got to Jp Morgan, i saw principles in America. I saw In the dollar bill "in God we trust" and i asked what is God doing in their bill.
There is relationship between wealth and God. I discovered that the founding fathers of America, laid the foundation on the word of God that is why the America is  great.

We have been misguided and most times focus on things that dosent matter. America has been exporting ideas, while we are busy with oil, they are developing their minds. Using their mind power for relevance.

You can never win an argument with a poor man. He has enough reasons why he is poor. I have seen men transformed. Give me a man with a zero balance, i will return you a millionaire. Any result that you cannot repeat is a fluke.
When we say poor, it is not lack of cash but lack of willpower. That is one of the greatest challenge we have today.

A poor man would always have reason why things don't work around him.
But you know what,  everything  we ever need has always been their.

Science has proven, that  it is hard for you to ever forget whatever you put down. That is why you must form the habbit of taking notes.

There are 3 levels of knowledge.

1. Revelational Knowledge.

Many of us have read bible, studied CRK while in Secondary school. We know all the histories but dont know God.

Revelation comes from relationship.
I am an investment banker, trained in the United states, I have studied my bible not to preach, but so as to understand  the principles, receive new ideas. The word of God,  tells you what to do.
God has given us all that we need to succed from the Bible.

If i give you a limousine and you dont know how to drive, it is not going to be of any use to you. Its going to be there without you being able to take it from one place to another.

How can you say that you know God and you still look horrible?
In revelational knowledge, you receive visions, new ideas,
God says you are going to have dominion over the earth.

Prov 25:2
"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and honour of kings to search it"

Studying is a royal behviour
It takes the king to study. If we go to most of our homes, we don't have Library.

Wealth is a science, you have to search it out.
Jeremiah 17:11
Making money is an act.
Preserving, multtiplying, tranfering it is an art. Anyone can make money but it takes a wise person to preserve, transfer and multiply money.

It is a skill, you must consciously learn how.

If you save 1k everyday. In a year it is 365,000. Secret to your future lies on your daily habbits,

If you save same 1k over time, repeatedly, you would be talking of millions.
Most of us have heared about prosperity but does hearing it, really make you one?
Until what you know becomes what you do, you dont know anything.

My disappointment  with people is that most of us are lazy.
I got to where i am not just because of what i know but what i do.
One of the reasons why you would succeed is that you are born with the gift of learning.

You are born a human being. And that is the only animal that can learn. The capacity to learn is a gift from God. secondly the ability to learn is a skill. You must learn how to learn. Some peoples thought pattern has been well programmed. When you go to a class, you must come with your diary, pen and be ready to take notes

Money is not the most important thing in life.
Nothing important can be done without money, therefore money is the most important thing.

The best money is not the one that politicians dashed you. It is the process that created it, one that you were able to multuply by yourself.

They tell us you dont give a man fish.
People use to say, teach a man how to fish instead. We have passed that stage. Now is all about teaching a man *how to own the pond.* Then he can employ fishermen who would be fishing while he goes to play golf.

You have all the things that would make you prosper.
Thirdly your willingness to learn is a choice. You must make up your mind to be rich.
We must learn how to be an entrepreneur.

Trading- when all your business is around you.

Business is when you set up systems, even if you are not there, the business would speak for you.

Investment is when you have systems that supplies and multiplies over time.

Joshua 1:8
Wealth is not created by effort. If your effort is not in alignment with the word of God, you would continue to struggle all through.

You can never replicate, what you have not observed.
That is why you need to have someone who would model it for you.

How many of you have read book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"
Yes many have read the book and yet are poor. It is the mindset that would transform you.
The "doing" part that really matters.

*2.  THEORITICAL Knowledge*

Theoritical knowledge talks about the process, strategy, method
If you don't have a plan, nothing works.

You must have a CPA (Critical Part Analysis)

Effective, efficient means of achiveing the highest result with smallest resources available.

You should always have 4 diff Plans  of getting a particular thing done.

I built myself to set up systems
Ask yourself "which one would give the biggest result ?"

It is not about how big the amount you have but how big is the vision.

 *4. Experiencial knowledge*

This is where mentorship comes in. That is why leadership comes in.
So many have ideas but dont know how to get it done.
What makes a city is the quality of people that are in there.

A lot of people have money but they didn't make it the right way.

America spends over 100 billion dollars in training leaders but in our country it is zero budget.

Until the man improves, nothing improves.

If i park a Range Rover a new one, and i park a bicycle beside it which one would be higher?

What if it is Nelson Mandela that rode the bicycle while Shakoua rode the range, which one would be the most expensive?

Experiencial knowledge is the highest level of knowledge.

Grow from one level of knowledge to another