Dr Linus Okorie-Frontline Imo Guber Aspirant

According to Casmir Nguzoru our dear Imo state needs a governor,  a visionary, experienced, skillful and effective servant-leader who not only understands the needs of the people, listen to them but also is a dynamic leader who knows what buttons to press at the most auspicious right time and places to make things happen - to meet the needs of the citizens.

He posited that Imo state does not  have a government that benefits the size and potentials of her thousands of citizens.

What Imo state needs and lack most in our political, social and economic structure is an effective, visionary servant-leadership that is dynamic, inspiring and attuned to the needs of the people.

Imo state needs a leader that not only understands the needs and aspirations of the citizens of the nation, who consults with the people and applies the laws of the land with respect.

Imo state needs a leader who stands on the truth, and who's leadership skills are able to inspire her citizens.

Imo State needs a leader that will come and reconstruct, liberate, rebuild, rebirth and bring light upon Imo State.

Imo State needs a leader that will come and re-engineer the political, education, economic and security sector of this state.

Imo state is in this current pitiable situation today, simply because we do not have the right leaders and leadership style in place,  right from the traditional rulers, TC chairmen,  Honourable members, down to the senators, state executive council and governor.

We can trace the tragedy of governance and leadership in Imo State, these past 2-3years and some months, to the absence of intellectual capacity.

We need a leader that will not come and depend on state allocations for payment of salaries and pensions.

Imo state has the highest number of palm oil production, what if we graduate from Palm oil alone,  but at the same same time produce things that uses palm oil as its raw material, things like soap?
What if we build these factories and start exporting not only palm oil but these finished products to other parts of the country and at the same time create employment opportunities for our youths?
We need a leader with innovative,  revolutionary and burning ideas.
One local government in Ogun state is the highest internally generated revenue city in Nigeria.

There was a time Lagos State operated for years without a state allocation coming from the federal government , but with their internally generated revenue, yet they performed even better than those getting millions from the federal government.

We need a leader that will come and explore the inheritance of Imo State,  a leader that will come and increase the IGR of Imo state without illegally tasking it's citizens.

Imo State needs a leader with vision and  drive.

The greatest thing in this world is not actually so much where we are, but in which direction we are moving.

Where exactly are we going to?

What exactly do we want?

Imo state citizens should know who we decide to vote in come 2019, to avoid the same problem we are facing today..
Sending a man to war is not the problem,  but the problem is how to take the gun away from him after war.. Let's be wise and   prayerful in our choice this time.

Dr Linus Okorie is that Visionary leader Imo needs.
He represents a paradim shift and not a chip of the old block.

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