What is Love by Iconic Cliff Ayozie

 Today is Valentine's Day.  This day means different things to different people. Taking to his social media handles,  the legendary and icon Cliff Ayozie of NTA Abuja explained what love  is. Excerpts Below:

"What is Love?
Love is the greatest law bequeathed to mankind by Almighty God. Love your neighbor as yourself.

This is love transmitted from one's inner chamber... The Heart. Touching lives positively.
How many Nigerians love from the heart ?
Here exchange of flowers is a crime except for a negligeable few.
Here love is defined from material perspective.
In advanced societies, love flows from the heart and you bear the cost when you take it for granted .... Love to your partner, love of your neighbor breeds peace,  love to country.
When you love from your heart, material response follows naturally and not the reverse.
Are you in LOVE?
Happy Valentine's Day