2019 GUBER ELECTION: Linus Okorie and the 'Imo Nke Anyi Movement

Imo State, which happens to be the eastern heartland of the nation is optimistic that the forthcoming 2019 guber polls will create opportunities that will deliver the state into the hands of a leader who is ready to unleash the potentials of our people.

The easter heartland will witness massive human capital development,  equality in developments, sustainable projects and the provision of innovative structures that will stir youth inclusiveness in governance. But the question is, how can this be achieved?

Well, the answers are not farfetched, as one of the aspirants under the umbrella of APGA, a leadership development consultant based in Abuja  introduced  “Imo Nkeanyi” (Our Own Imo).

Dr Linus Okorie who hails from Oguta LGA has been applauded for the human capital developments and  projects he has initiated years ago to impact positively on the lives of Nigerian youths for over 25 years now.

 Imolities have always yearned for his leadership prospects and ideology in Imo State. In furtherance of these yearnings,  Imo NkeAnyi Movement seeks ti ensure that everyone comes out in rebuilding the state and providing a channel for responsive leadership, reactive development and proactive advancement.

Considering the clamour recently by Former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and IBB on the need to allow a new breed of leaders, it will be apparent to say that Imo state needs someone like Linus Okorie. The ImoNkeanyi movement will usher in equal opportunity for every Imolite.

The consideration of a young, most credible candidate in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections in Imo state is indeed the beginning that puts an end to the challenges of poor leadership in our state.

According to Dr Linus Okorie,
"Every Imolite has a role to play in the “ Imo Nkeanyi”.

We must take responsibility to rebuild the Imo  Dream of Our Dream by supporting Dr Linus Okorie a leadership icon,  a proven leader with capacity to develop and grow our economy.

Imolities gathered recently  at Abuja to show solidarity and a buy-in into the vision to turn Imo State into a place of endless possibilities.

They came because of a hunger to see that the future isn't a repeat of the shoddy past.

They came because their desire to see a progressive state trumps any political wishy-washy antic.

The movement is spreading to different states.

Every strong ideological movement pierces down to the marrows.

Such a movement is always about the people. A focus on the people, lending the support to their aspirations, is what any movement that will leave indelible results and marks that are eternal.

That's what #ImoNkeAnyi movement is all about.

Gathered for the meeting were souls whose hearts are burning with the establishment of a progressive state. They have formed the bulk of the pillars that will make this happen.

On the 17th of February, the official launch will take place in Lagos of the #ImoNkeAnyi movement.