Plan to Attend: The Foremost International Gathering For Young Ceos, Founders & Investors

With more than 300 attendees, Africa’s brightest young political and business leaders will converge at this epoch making event to provide insight into the economic and political landscape of the continent, the 2018 Young CEOs business summit Atlanta, will served as the greatest gathering of Young change- MAKERs from Africa, Europe, Asia and America

Imagine engaging panel discussions, compelling content delivery, keynote presentations, one-on-one with big-time investors, an impactful moments of networking, award dinner and more all at once.


Closing The Entrepreneurship Gab In Africa’s Emerging Markets; The Impact On Global Economies.

Leveraging off the success of YCBF Summits in Dubai, Accra, Lagos, London, Dusseldorf, we’re once again gathering the African Young CEOs of major companies, venture capitalists, and some select technology company CEOs, Diplomats, Government institutions, emerging political leaders—this time in Atlanta, Georgia USA—for an earnest discussion of how their contributions are shifting the-ever evolving African business and political ecosystem.


If you consider yourself part of the future of the African continent either as a business or political leader of African origin, multinationals with interest in Africa, trade partners, emerging political and business leaders in Diaspora, then this is a MUST attend event for YOU.

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Organizer:Young CEOs' Business Forum

Organizer of 7th Edition YCBS Atlanta, Georgia 2018 USA

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Young CEO’s business forum YCBF is a business network platform with over one thousand members in the following sectors: ICT, Agriculture, Hospitality, Construction & Real Estate, Education, Aviation, Fashion & Design, Media, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Oil & Gas, Law, Social Enterprise, Music & Film Production, spread across the African continent, Europe, & USA. We are also the organizers of the young CEO’S business summit designed for Established and pioneering CEOs who aspire to conduct their businesses in tandem with global best practices. These CEO’s focus more on creating value for all of their stakeholders and then fulfil deeper purpose of their organization which is giving back to society and making it better than they met it. They consciously integrate and cultivate cultures that support people to learn, grow, develop and flourish. With collaborations from young CEOs across Africa specifically from Cameroun, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Gambia, Mali, Malawi, Botswana, Uganda, Cape Verde, Ethiopia and that of our counterpart from Asia, USA, Europe and North America, we are set to explore international idea exchange, collaborations and synergies that will guarantee business excellence for our continent and the rest of the world.
The YCBF, is committed to inspiring young business leaders around the world, equipping them with relevant business and social skills necessary to command collective positive actions that will improve the state of our world. The YCBF engages young political and enterprise leaders alongside high net worth business and political leaders who act as mentors, panellists and keynote speakers supporting