Bro Emma Okories Speaks on Men of Intergrity: Missing Virtue

The president of Living Word Ministries International and Chancellor Rhema university Bro Emma Okorie dished out the word in fullness of anointing and power, the president preaching on the topic "Men of Integrity - Missing Virtue and he took his text from the book of Psalm 12 vs 1-2 (NIV) "Help Lord, for the godly are no more, the faithful have vanished from among men.

2. Every one lies to his neighbor, their flattering lips speak with deception". In his words, the president said Integrity is an outstanding quality that even the poor can afford, integrity entails life of no corruption, standing to one's principles and Christian conviction without minding the circumstance. Even if the whole world is collapsing around you, you are content to stay through to God, not following the crowd. This is what God wants. Psalm 25 vs 21 (KVJ) "Let Integrity and uprightness preserve me; for I wait on thee".  This is the bedrock of true Christianity. Developing the character of God makes yon the man of God. Indeed it was so refreshing in God's presence through the word of God that came just at the right time, transforming lives and blessing so many people. To God be the glory...

Text :   PSALMS 12 VS 1 - 2