The world and her wives went to bed as the second most dreaded terrorist group in Nigeria (the fulani herdsmen) struck in Benue state. It is no longer news that all the big media houses have lost their voices as blood of innocent people in Benue flowed.

Benue state evokes the picture of a big basket filled with a Cornucopia of fruits and other agricultural products, but today as we mourn and pray for the victims of this terrorist attack we can only but imagine a big basket dripping of innocent blood of our brothers and sisters in Benue. As I watched the procession, my emotions took the better part of me, I reflected on how families were lost, loved ones forcefully taken and gruesomely murdered in cold blood, children education and destiny put to an abrupt stop, dreams and aspirations permanently halted and farmlands desecrated with the blood of its owners.
I wept,
I wept for the souls of the innocent victims
I wept for the people of Benue state
I wept for Nigeria.

You may not feel this urge to shed a tear, your father, mother, brother or relative was not a victim but I wept because when Benue is done and dusted, this terrorist will definitely look for other dreams to shatter, they will seek other people's blood to spill and definitely so far the government of the day has failed to proscribe them or tag them a terrorist organization, this wanton and imbecilic destruction of lives and property will surely continue.

I weep for Nigerian because it seems the real men have all gone the way of all mortals, leaving behind effeminate boys who are power crazy and those who are ready to sabotage any well meaning effort to bring back sanity into this geographical area called Nigeria.
The questions begging for answers are these
How much blood did IPOB spill before it was proscribed?
Why in hades have the president and senate refused to tag these fulani herdsmen by their real name, terrorist?
How much more are they going to kill before open grazing will be banned?
It's laughable that a cross section of the western media that went into frenzy when IPOB was proscribed as a terrorist organization have lost their voices and have turned blind eye to the happenings in Benue state.

It hurts that gory sites and scenes are now almost common or taken as normal in Nigeria, no thanks to the fulani terrorist. It hurts to see our brothers and sisters neck deep into APC and PDP dichotomy as destinies and lives are punctuated in Benue.

As we embark on this four days mourning for the victims of this Benue terrorist attack, we pray the good people of Benue should find the courage to fight back and protect themselves and as we bury them today, we pray the President of the federal republic should in the same vein also bury his 2019 ambitions.