African Post of the Day : Social media Agog with Quote by Arcbishop Tutu triggers off comments

Today the world is agog with a reminder of the post from Archbishop Desmond Tutu,  an outspoken opponent of South African apartheid and recipient of Nobel Prize.
He is a great prominent leader of South Africa who bravely helped the freedom fighters against the apartheid, nobel Prize,  honest and bold for his comments.

Commenting on the above Quote,  a facebook user Omonuku Ejiro Isreal said "I dedicate this post to the Nigeria's President over persistent silence over the killings of citizens by Fulani Herdsmen,  shame on Nigeria!!"

Lawrence Sserunjogi: "yes the Bishop was right, if a thin line divides two sides, you must be on one side of the line.  Actually Bush of USA said during the Iraq War?  You are either with us or with them.

Prissy Balabye on her own dedicated the quote to Uganda President Mr M7 who wants our religious leaders to be silent in the oppressing and injustice regime "

Arise Afrika seeks to reflect over millions of comments on World Post and ask "When shall Africa truly Arise from the deep slumber that we have fallen into? "

Are you among those who dose not see anything wrong in all the evil and atrocities we see here?

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

Hit the comment botten and lets know your view.