2018: Pastor Simeon Afolabi Charges Christians to be Thankful

2018: Pastor Simeon Afolabi charged believers to be thankful to God.

Speaking on the Topic: Before you say "Happy New Year"

According to the Overseer First Love Assembly,  author Bread and Wine daily devotional.
Before you say Happy New year,  someone should say "Thank you Lord!! "
Taking his text from
Psalm 92:1
"It is good to give thanks to the Lord and sing praises to the Lord most High"

He noted that most people complain because they have lost their identity.
Major problem most believers have is not understanding who they really are.  He said
 "Last time I checked, you are a soldier. Soldiers don't complain. They are grateful that they are alive each day. Regardless of what it may have been for you in 2017, you have to say "Thank you Lord "

He urged the faithfuls to Celebrate God.
Reading Judges 5:11 he noted that we need to rehearse the righteous acts of God continuesly. Mentioning it once is not enough.
Psalms 100:3

Man has the tendency to remember what he ought to forget and forget what he ought to remember. Many times, we keep  record of how this and that person hurt you.
We should pray and ask God to purify our heart. "Try me Lord "
Psalm 139:5
Someone can live with an error all of his life.
Another important prayer for us is to ask God to teach us
 Teach us what to say, teach me how, teach me what to do, teach me how to war.
He noted that knowledge bring about confidence. So we should strive to know Him more. We should also increase our capacity this year.

The highlight of the crossover service was the breaking of bread.
"By your blood you crushed principalities, Jesus 2x,  by your name you established authorities.  Jesus, Jesus the righteous.

To crossover to 2018


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