Owerri Music Award

Owerri is Agog: As Owerri Music Award

The OMA (Owerri Music Award) is an accolade established in 2016 by otownmp3.com (Owerri music blog) of Imo state to recognize the outstanding achievement in the Owerri Music industry. The annual ceremony features performances by established and promising artists.

*Aims and objectives*

To help promote the Owerri music industry and taken it to a higher and greater levels.

To help promote our musical artist and producers to make the known and visible to Nigeria and Africa at large.

To recognize and encourage artists who are representing Owerri music industry.

2017 Theme:


Over the years, Owerri’s most prestigious artist, has strived for excellence in building the owerri music industry on true values of integrity, transparency and responsibility. We have worked hard to reward artistic ingenuity since day one and also educating the teaming fans of the award, the public and the entertainment industry about the rules of the awards and the criteria for nominations in each category. Often times, we realize that the fans, people in the industry and the media are misled; because they are in a hurry to get by with the nominees list and they neglect reading between the lines, not caring about the rules of nominations and criteria.

Hence, it is important to set the record straight and continue to enlighten.

The categories are:

1. Next Rated

2. Best male artist

3. Best female artist

4. Song of the moment

5. Best Collaboration

6. Producer of the year

7. Dj of the year

8. Promoter of the year

9. Gospel artist of the year

10. Music video of the year

*Our additional categories are:*

1. Friendly artist of the year

2. Friendly promoter of the year

3. Best graphics designer of the year

4. Beat entertainment hangout spot in owerri

5. Best group/record label in owerri

6. Best music studio in owerri

7. Best music video producer/director in owerri

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