Life Is all about Making Impact: Arise Afrika Boss Speaks on Anniversary

"Anybody can acquire the habit of making an effort once given the chance "
-Dennis P Kimbro. PhD-

Life is all about making impact. It is all about making significant contribution to societal transformation. It is all about  surpassing in excellence.

Whether we have discovered it or not, we are all created to recreate the world within our spheres of influence. As such the greater your influence, the greater the opportunity to impact the world significantly leaving behind you a trail of greatness and excellence for others to follow.

No one with the capacity to transform society will excel in her undertaking without a significant platform. No one will make great contribution to the world in obscurity. Even a light when hidden or covered cannot shine abroad. That is why the scriptures says "No one lights a candle and puts it under a bushel"
Simply put: it most be kept on top: else it won't fulfil it's purpose. As a light to your world, you must understand that lights are made to shine from inside out : they are made to outshine - surpass in excellence.

Hence,  if you are created for impact,  you need a platform to  outshine in life.
Your platform determines your influence which in turn determines the impact of your contribution.
I see platform as an opportunity to reach a small or great number of people with your gift,  ideas,  vision or mission.  I see it as the opportunity to donate your uniqueness to transform the world within your spheres of influence.   Arise Afrika is one of the platforms I created to stand to make an impact. And am really loving it what I do daily with my gift. It was not easy for me to walk away from a good paying salary job during a time of recession.

Archimedes an engineer in Ancient Greece once said  "Give me a place to stand on,  and I  can move the world "

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We are through Arise Afrika doing the following:

Redefining Africa to the world.

Raising the beautiful continent of Africa.

Recreating our ethical, moral and cultural values

Re-engineering the mindset of Africans about sustaining themselves in their immediate environment.

Raising a generation of young people accustomed to godly values:

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3. My Mentor and  I : An account on a modern day Apostle by Ik Anyanwu

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