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Mr Ik Anyanwu Anyanwu handling the class on Entrepreneurship

Dozzy Moore Academy is an ICT Institute established by Dozzy More Enterprise to empower great minds for the future.
Mr Fortune teaching the class Computer Appreciation

Mr Ocy handles the class on Mobile Phone
Our graduates will be well equipped after passing through our program.
1. Computer Appreciation
I. Introduction to computer
Our basic goals for this course:
Help students (who may or may not intend to major in computer science) to feel justifiably confident of their ability to write small programs.
Map scientific problems into computational frameworks.
Position students so that they can compete for jobs by providing competence and confidence in computational problem solving.
Prepare college freshmen and sophomores who have no prior programming experience or knowledge of computer science for an easier entry into computer science or electrical engineering majors.
Prepare students from other majors to make profitable use of computational methods in their chosen field.

ii.Learning a language for expressing computations—Python
Learning about the process of writing and debugging a program
iii Learning about the process of moving from a problem statement to a computational formulation of a method for solving the problem
iv. Learning a basic set of "recipes"—algorithms
Learning how to use simulations to shed light on problems that don't easily succumb to closed form solutions
v. Learning about how to use computational tools to help model and understand data
vi.How the computer works
vii. How to Assemble a computer
2. Desktop Publishing
3. Computer Maintenance/ Repairs & Engineering
i. Learning Digital Fault trouble shooting
ii. Learning Mother board chips rebuilding
iii. Learning Power/Battery Problems Solutions
iv. Learning Screen/Model/Display Problems Solution
v. Learning Battery/Charger recycling
vi. Laptop Power Bank
4. Web Designing & Programming
i. Basic Programming Introduction HTML
ii. CSS, Java Script III, Python, SOL
iii. Web Page Cloning
iv. Hosting and Registration
5. Internet & Web Application
6. Blogging & Digital Marketing
7. Advanced Computer Maintenance/Engineering
8. Mobile Phone Repair/Maintenance
i. Detecting Fault in a phone.
ii. Panel rebuilding
iii. Power/Battery Problems Solutions
iv. Screen/Model/Display Problems Solution
v. Battery/Charger recycling
vi. Power Bank
9. Entrepreneurship Skills Training
I. Who is an entrepreneur?
II. Who can be an entrepreneur
III. Skills of an entrepreneur
IV. Business Starts ups
V. Why you need to start
VI. 8 Steps to take in starting a business
VII. Fundamental virtues of Entrepreneurs
VIII. Business Sense & Thinking beyond you
i. Financial independence
ii. Laws of Money Management
iii. Budget
iv. Planning
11. Gaining Market Leadership
12. Effective Customer Service
13. Wining and Retaining Customers
14. Personal Presentation skills
15. Workplace Behaviour & Conduct
16. Time Management
17. Career Advise & Support
1. BE Guaranteed of job connection on completion of course
2. We offer tools in relation to your course
3. Enjoy Two years of Technical Support from date of graduation
4. Automatic Partnership with the company
Interested persons should rush now to 10 Tetlow for Admission forms and other documentations.
Form Costs N500
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