Power through the word with Pst IYKE

Power through the word of God. Day Five,April,2017

  As you see it,say it,until it becomes your reality!

Our meditation.
For the Word of God is alive and powerful.It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword...Heb4:12

Declare it now!
* At You feet I bow, there is no one like You,Father.

* Thank You Lord for the gift of life and the show of Your mercies.

* The Word is alive, powerful & sharper than anything.

* The Word can penetrate any situation in life.

* The Word is stronger than chemotherapy & can dry up any kind of cancer.

* The Word can penetrate and kill HIV in the body.

* The Word can melt the most hardened sinner & turn him around.

* I stand on the Word of God,no matter the situation I face in life.

* I believe what the Word says concerning my destiny. Glory!

* With God's Word deep in my spirit,I can never fail in life!! Amen!

      Keep saying it! It is working!!!

Word of wisdom
The Word can only produce results when you act on it. Selah!

It is a Wednesday to win!

Pls share if you were blessed!

Iyke M Mba