One of the most hardened and notorious armed robbers in England,  Mr Daily Star, said that when he was in high school, his teacher called him to stand and read a passage in front of the class.
He was a poor reader and the harder he tried,  the more he failed. Then one day while in class,  there was general laughter because he could not read,  as usual. In the middle of the laughter,  the young Daily Star exploded  in great anger and with bloodshot eyes and clenched fists shouted as he left the class, "ONE DAY YOU WILL FEAR ME!  YOU WILL HATE ME, BUT THIS WILL THE LAST TIME YOU WILL LAUGH AT ME!",  he bolted out and thereafter shook Britain in great fear till he was arrested.

What went wrong?  What's the lesson?  If he was just encouraged a little,  he would probably have become one of the greatest stars and responsible citizens of Britain.
 Please encourage those you meet in life to pursue their dreams.  In particular,  encourage those that have failed or made mistakes.  Never laugh at them or dwell in the castle of condemnation.  Who does not make mistakes?  Help others fulfill their goals!  Be a source of success for someone.  Put courage into someone and as you scatter encouragement into other people's lives,  you will never lack that 13-letter word: ENCOURAGEMENT! When you help interpret other people's dreams,  then yours will manifest.  Make Someone  feel Encouraged and Wanted today!!!

Prayers- (1) Ask God for the grace to be an encouragement to children and those you will encounter today.  (2) Pray for discouraged and confused lives today.(3)Lord, send me encouragers,  as I encourage men today in Jesus name............ Amen

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