Moment of Discovery with Ik Anyanwu: Success Equation

  • Happy Palm Sunday friends from all of us at Arise Afrika Magazine.

As we reflect upon the triumphant entry of Jesus  may I share with you some principles that would help you to triumph too

It's May sound somehow but it's certainly true.

The Zambian company sold their Copper Mines to an outside consortium for 20 million dollars. Because they could not manage it. The company that took over in 3 months made profits of 70 millions. They had understanding of how things works,  took money at the Government expense, they were not going to pay upfront. They simply spread out over a couple of months their payments to the Government. Taking what the Government should have been making and give them .006% from the Copper Mines because they had "Understanding" .
When right there people are dying, ignorant, living in poverty , high level of HIV/Aids, yet churches are full.  People are praising God , Africans pray all night .  Prayer is not in the Success equation.

Prayer is in the Revelation equation.  Decision making is in the success equation. You have to make a decision and be sound. Be disciplined and make sure that we are going to get what God has given unto us.
You can be full of the Holy Ghost and yet suffer lack because you are ignorant. For me I will get understanding. It's time for Africa to Arise and be counted.
The country of Ghana turned 50. Ghana and South Korea had independence the same day and the same year but look at where South Korea is now.  South Korea are not a Christian Nation.

By nature South Korea are Buddhist.  China, Japan,  Indonesia, Malaysia they are technologically advancing yet they are not Christian nations. China has stated that in the next couple of years over 20 percent Chinese will become millionaires . Over 450 million Chinese would become Millionaires .

It's not about shouting "hallelujah" neither is speaking in tongues. It is about possessing an understanding of how things work.

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