Business Journal with Chuks Ineh

Sicilian Movies was my 1st production company established in 2004. I had nothing except a script I had written in less than 2 weeks. Due university experiences, my mind could not communicate better than to write the agony of the soul with a candid message. When I completed the writing, I gave it to a typist to prepare it for a professional look, afterwards, a graphics designer did a nice cover art. Since Owerri was not into movie production by then, I headed to Lagos.

On reaching Lagos without knowing anyone I started asking questions where to locate this movie people. I was duly directed to Surulere where indeed there were many offices so I met with a very great guy Chika Onu who was working then with Chico Ejiro, Zeb Ejiro’s brother. He received me well and saw the passion in what I was pursuing and told me that I need to get the funds and then we can easily produce the movie. He assisted in putting together a business proposal of about 2 million naira. I also met and interacted with Teco Benson.

I returned home to Owerri with the proposal, my own company letter head, a complimentary card and a customized envelope. I used my Uncle Emeka’s office address at Mushin as my Lagos office address and my mother’s shop address as my Owerri address. The only thing that was mine was my phone number and email. My friends rejoiced to see this great improvement towards the pursuit of my dream but the challenge now is how do I get 2 Million Naira to produce this movie? My immediate elder brother had a friend from University of Maidugiri who by chance was rich and he asked me to go meet him in Abuja and he might help with the production, thus my journey to Abuja.

I went to Abuja and was staying off the town at Gwagwalada (Gwags) at Acholonu’s house. While in his place, I was going into town often trying to see if I could convince anyone to consider my movie proposal while trying my brother’s friend number. The financial cost of going into town from Gwags was also painful and I was hoping to get someone that I could go and stay with in the heart of Abuja, luckily, I got a guy who used to live in Amakohia but his family moved to Abuja and he brought me into their family apartment at Gwarimpa.
Finally, I met with my brother’s friend at the airport on his way to Holland for a 2 weeks’ business journey and he assured me of sponsoring or being the executive producer of the movie when he returns, he told me he will call me once he returns. When he came back from Holland he did call me and I was so happy that I sponsored the strangers around me to have drinks on my head.
Life was full of hope, the excitement that I will have my 1st movie script produced knew no bounds but as the days unfolded and no sign of progress weighed in, I became more stranded in a faraway city. I had to move into the home of a very good stranger who was part of those who drank on my head. His name is Mohammed, from Kogi State and a Muslim. He assisted me until I tried to set up another business in Abuja, which I will address in the next journal.

 Despite my journey from Owerri to Lagos, then Lagos back to Owerri and then to Abuja, I was not able to get an executive producer to have my movie made.
Today I have the resources and can partner with someone to produce my own movie, the dream has lingered up till date. Due to my experiences not getting anyone to support me, I have taken it upon myself to help as many people as possible to also produce their own contents with what I have.

 Life has a way of preparing us to become who we are, that we may not get something we desire today does not mean the end of our dream but time can help us prepare better and launch a greater product.

Business Journal with Chuks Ineh.