Arise Afrika Pageant Award Unveiled

On Saturday  29th April at Benchmark Hotels, history was made as Ik Anyanwu of Arise Afrika unveiled Face Of Arise Afrika Beauty Pageant/Awards.

Speaking at the event,  Mr Anyanwu said 

"Face of Arise Afrika is the first of its kind and the biggest scholarship beauty pageant competition in Nigeria.

It is not a another beauty pageant, but an act towards inspiring and nurturing young, talented models as we seek to raise the beautiful continent of Africa.

It is also another season to celebrate people, places and values during this season as special recognitions will be given to distinguished personalities during FAA.

Face of Arise Afrika Beauty Pageant will also afford the organizers opportunity to choose a brand ambassador who will run charitable projects within and outside Nigeria and also represent Nigeria in international competitions. 

 *Why Face Of Arise Afrika ?*
In today's world, there is a quest among most youths to explore their talents and be identified as celebrities; but due to the non availability of adequate platforms in Africa for self discovery, most young people  have become susceptible to the clarion call of sacrilegious, and lewd sexuality driven beauty pageants and fashion shows which leads to lots of social irresponsibility among young people in Nigeria, and Africa at Large.  The entertainment industry too has been bastardized hence the need for change. That's why we  came up with this revolutionary project that is aimed at creating the *right platform* for our youths to be empowered through our *intensive entrepreneural skill acquisition training* while harnessing their talents and potentials. 

It is for these reasons and many more that Sommies Ltd and GCFN consult .(a top notch consulting company that specializes in Human Resources Development, public relations planning and execution, events planning/management) came up with the Face Of Arise Africa (FAA) competition. 

FAA is the first of its kind and going to be the biggest pageant/Awards  in Nigeria. It is not a  spur, but an act towards inspiring and nurturing young, talented models. 

For weeks, contestants from across the institutions in Imo will come together in Owerri,  Imo State, Nigeria to battle for the crown, (Face of Arise Africa).

*Our Goal*
Arise Africa will present a unique contemporary innovation that will give hope, sooth hearts, and promote our lost ethical and cultural values unlike most contestants. 

There would be no Bikini, indecent dressing  in this competition.

We will raise a generation of young people accustomed to godly values; integrity, honesty, self esteem, good character, poise, charm personality, beauty, eloquent

Arise Africa will encourage young models to stay in their field and teach them many skills that would take them to the top and not abandon it for the so-called "greener pastures" 

Arise Africa will cloud the model celebrity industry echelon with young  models that would excel by making a positive difference in the industry.

Arise Africa would ignite the passion for a closer relationship with God, that will enable young people acquire the needed inspiration for the emancipation of African continent.

This laudable initiative will birth-in some level of ethical and social implications for true modeling in Africa, because this is not just another beauty / fashion competition, but also a spontaneous move to lead a re-consecration of all minds to God.

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We seek endorsements and support of brands to ensure that the event becomes a huge success.
Unveiling 29th April 2017.
 Audition: 30 June 2017
Training 15- 20 July 2017
Grand Finale: July 2017

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Ikechukwu Anyanwu 
Publisher Arise Afrika Magazine