African Women Intercultural Dialogue: Now holds April 25th

The date for African Women Intercultural dialogue has been adjusted to April 25th after due consultation between the organizers, their patron and potential sponsors, the event which was to mark the 2017 International Women's day was shifted because of its imminent collision with the Ghana 60th Independence Anniversary events which has the total attention of most of our expected guest from Ghana. "We humbly regret any inconvenience this date alteration must have caused and will keep you posted on new developments and looking forward to having a successful dialogue that will advance the cause of the African woman and girl child on the 25th of April, 2017.

On other development affecting the 8th of March date is the expected close of Abuja Airport for repair and maintenance of its tarmac for 6 weeks starting on the 8th of March also affected the coming of expected guests from Abuja as they are unable to get a return flight to Abuja from Lagos because of the airport closure, An African women event without full participation of the Nigerian contingent will not be perfect as Nigeria is home to the largest number of influential women in African continent.
Hajia Gumsi Fadil from Cameroun, Mrs Fatima Maada Bio wife of former Military President of Sierra Leone, Iyabolade Yeyefini director International Institute of African studies and Knowledge USA are some of the women across the contienet expected ar the dialogue, Queen Diambi Muata Traditional Monarch of the Bakwai Indu peoople of the Luba Empire of Kasai in democratic republic of Congo one of the resource persons at the dialogue will still be making the trip to Ghana on invitation of the All Africa Media Network and will try to meet other influential women in Ghana and assure them the need for the dialogue, Queen Diambi Muata is an African Queen by birth and ruler of her people and remains of the remaining female traditional rulers in African community.