Words On Marble :
Ugoeze Shirley, Hon Ugwumba  Uche Nwosu Chief of Staff to Governor, Ik Anyanwu of Arise Afrika

"Train and empower your mind right. See yourself as the only architect of your dream after God. Be law abiding. Improve yourself academically and aspire to achieve great things. Work hard. Acquire practical skills that would help you in life. It would also help to prepare and package you as a potential leader for the nation.

See yourself as a catalyst positioned by posterity to help people achieve their dreams. Assist the youths to achieve success. We should all see ourselves as one part of the whole universe. Everything we do, say or has done has effect on the whole universe. when this becomes our mindset, we will find out that It is easier to help change the world and also convince others to do the same.

In conclusion, no matter how well meaning the society or Government policies are, you can not achieve much for yourself unless your mind stays sound and focused. you must be objective, constructive, faithful, diligent, loyal, honest and have confidence in yourself.

You must be willing to sacrifice a little bit to reap bountiful thereafter. That is the secret. it worked for me and it can work for you. You must understand that there is no other smoother way for you to reach the top and achieve success in life than the above.

I believe in the youths. I believe in myself that is why I am here today.

🎶🎶🎵 I believe I can fly, I think about you every night and day. I believe in the youths. I believe that you can fly🎵🎵🎶 "

Ugoeze Shirley Ngozi OKWUDIMMA
The above were part of Ugoeze Shirley Okwudinam Talks from our last Imo community development project capped : Imo Students Leadership Summit 2016 organized by Arise Afrika in partnership with Bureau of Students Affairs Imo State Govt House.

About Us

Arise Afrika is a non government and non profit organization. It is also a movement geared towards re-engineering the mind set of Africans about sustaining themselves in their immediate communities. An off shoot of Global Circle of Friends Network (GCFN) a community based organization founded by Anyanwu Ikechukwu in 2001.
We hope to help you to discover and develop your talents so as to make a positive impact in the society.
We will help you get the education, time and financial freedom that you desire.

The online news platform is used as to promote social democratic values of Justice, freedom and democracy. Create a reawakening of our strong and sustainable ethical and cultural values.
The future lies with the youths and they need to be steered away from negative influences. Our nation needs to arise from the deep slumber that we have fallen into and our youths must take our own destinies in our own hands . Nigerians must cooperate with each other to build a better functioning communities through small scale industrial vocations . We must become advocates for better governance and implementation of policies that affect the society.
Arise Afrika seeks to develop and encourage youths to embrace their full potentials in all spheres of human endeavour and not to feel alienated by the present severe socio-economic conditions. The youths must be challenged to recover lost values through the same cooperative dedication and strength that must pull them out of the fangs of poverty.