Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Greetings!
Mma, MmaNu o! Ndummiri, NduAzu!
This is the kind of occasion that can make a person end his speech at the very beginning. Speechless, they call it!
I Stand on behalf of  All Africa Media Networks & Arise Afrika to welcome you all and express  our delight for  honouring our invitation to the Unveiling of Arise Afrika Magazine.
With high sense of gratitude, I thank the Almighty God who has made the publication of this volume a huge success.
We might have come across lots of publication with different objectives: however Arise Afrika Magazine- an international magazine that seeks to increase awareness of bordering issues within our country Nigeria and around the world.
We make a commitment to serve you with timely information on events around the globe. This Magazine features a lot of educative, informative and entertaining articles. This publication seeks to convey valuable information on the life and culture of our people. 

The contents I know will interest you as it ranges from Interviews with Opera David- a young lady with a craze and passion for singing and reaching the world, Ugoeze Shirley Okwudinma as she encourages the youths to Strive to be the best, Hon Engr Chidi Ibeh Commissioner of Commerce and Industry – eulogizing the works of Executive Governor of Imo State and promising to leave lasting legacies .

Arise Afrika center of attention is on News, Politics, Fashion, Health, Events, Advertorials and real life issues.  Business News , Art & Life, Country Focus -  World Struggle for a Just World, Recreating Igbo Ethical and Cultural Values, Save the Country, Gotni Celebrates Nigeria @ 56 host leadership summit in Owerri, Imo @ 40  Photo Speaks, Prof Mrs Adaobi Obasi –Vc Speaks @ Imo at 40.
 Frontline: Nigerians to stop supporting non performing Office Holders.
Profile of Proactive Lawmakers(State & Federal), Profile of Chief Dr Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, Deacon Chike Okafors Free Medical Treatment,  Imo Celebrates Bro Emma Okorie, Daddy Hezekiah & Others honored at Imo at 40 Commemorative Lectur & Community Development Award, Portrait of Achiever by Ik Anyanwu
Business: Business Sense & Thinking beyond you, Why the world should Invest in Africa Fashion
Art & Life: You can stop it: Sexual Harassment,
HEALTH:  How much Water should you take to stay healthy?
Events: Coronation of Igwe Ezenwa, Graduation Ceremony of BIS, Winner Most Beautiful Face In Imsu, Winner Imo Student Diaspora, Imo Carnival 2016 Reloading,  Prof Iwu’s Bio-Processing Plant, Imo Student Leadership Summit
 If you ask me, you are up for the best time of information acquisition.

By reading Arise Afrika Magazine you are sure to learn something new , different and make you ahead of others.
To everyone that assisted us from the beginning making direct and noticeable contributions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
We are humbled by your kind gestures and cannot help but appreciate it for what it truly means to us.
Most of you seated here with us at Rock View Hotels were not part of this journey when It began some years back but its important to note, that most people whom we began with and impacted with this vision are all over the world making impacts.  And for that we are grateful to God.
With utmost consideration of our experiences in the past, we gather all of you here in a celebrative mood to share our visions with you so as to get your collaborative support to take our message from Africa to the rest of the world. 
 I must confess that regardless of the accolades we are receiving in our own evaluation of our performances and challenges so far, what you have read and have seen before you today is not the best of us. We are not celebrating success, but rather our struggle and strengthening our courage to forge on. No matter how daunting the task is. We have always stood despite our challenges.  Our challenge is enormous and the very challenge of all Africans.   A close look at the comment of Mr Simple Ugorji revealed the following:
 “When they move from Europe to Africa = Voyages of discovery
When we move from Africa to Europe =Illegal immigrants
A group of Africans in Europe = Refugees.
A group of Europeans in Africa = Tourists
A group of Africans in the bush = Poachers
A group of Europeans in bush = Safari
Black people working in a foreign country = Foreigners
White people working in a foreign country =expatriates
In conclusion he remarked  “ This world has failed  Africa or we have failed ourselves.  Food for thought”
 We at Arise Afrika believe that we shouldn’t let anyone define and label us.
Redefining Africa to the world
Raising the beautiful continent of Africa, one information at a time
Arise Afrika   is the media arm of  Global Circle of Friends Network (GCFN) a community based organization founded by Anyanwu Ikechukwu.
GCFN  started from Obowu. I am proud to look back at the Iconic 40th Anniversary of Imo and see the following on the honour list:  Late Sam Mbakwe of blessed memory - as Imo Legend of the year. Prof Chidi Osuagwu – Icon of Integrity.  Prof BEB Nwoke – Educationist of the year, Hon Dcn Chike Okafor –Proactive Lawmaker of the year (Federal) & Hon (Barr ) Kennedy Ibeh of Obowu constituency IMSHA (total of 5).
Obowoians are great people and has continued to leave indelible marks and trail braziers in their various fields of endeavors. Let us give a round of applause for another nma sin a Imo puta (beauty of Imo from Obowu, okigwe)
With Arise Afrika  we are on a movement geared towards re-engineering the mind set of Africans about sustaining themselves in their immediate communities. We hope to help our youths to discover and develop their talents so as utilize them and make a positive impact in the society.
The online news platform is used In the promotion of social democratic values of Justice, freedom and democracy. Create a reawakening of our strong and sustainable ethical and cultural values.
The future lies with the youths and they need to be steered away from negative influences.  Our nation needs to arise from the deep slumber that we have fallen into and our youths must take our own destinies in our own hands.  Nigerians must cooperate with each other to build better functioning communities through small scale industrial vocations. We must become advocates for better governance and implementation of policies that affect the society.
Arise Afrika seeks to develop and encourage youths to embrace their full potentials in all spheres of human endeavour and not to feel alienated by the present severe socio-economic conditions. The youths must be challenged to recover lost values through the same cooperative dedication and strength that must pull them out of the fangs of poverty.
Again, Arise Afrika provides businesses with an excellent return on investment. Our packages offers our clients brand exposure through a variety mediums including; media, print, signage, membership database, competition naming right and much more.
In return for your investment Arise Afrika can help your business increase your brand awareness and image to gain new customers and to develop relationships with existing customers. In doing this, you showcase your devoted involvement in supporting the local community, upcoming models and the student community who would help in hyping your brand on social media platforms.
Arise Afrika will provide an exciting marketing opportunity for your business and we would relish the opportunity of working in partnership with your business.
 The editorial team of the magazine has been involved in so many educative programme and projects geared towards fullfiling the above visions.
We are part of the team that published Okigwe Digest , Aguata Digest, Nigerian Eye Newspapers
Arise Afrika in partnership with GistGate on Feb 12, 2016 organized and hosted the biggest and most transparent beauty pageant ever witnessed in Imo State University  titled  MOST BEAUTIFUL  FACE IN IMSU and people in attendance were well over  2,500 persons. And is also set to organize Mr & Miss Trousim Imsu come 9th December, 2016.
Arise Afrika in partnership with Nigerian Eye Newspapers hosted Imo at 40 commemorative lecture, community Development Awards at Concorde Hotels Owerri on 18th June 2016.
Arise Afrika also in partnership with Bureau of Students Affairs, Zanders Foundation  organized Imo Students’ Leadership Summit at IICC on 20th and 21st September which involved  NUISS, SUG of all the institution in the South East, Ministry of Education.
We contributed to the following Students Watch Magazine,  the book “What happened?” – a compendium of the life and Rev Fr Prof Philip Ogbonna @ 60.
Our mission is to guide our clients with excellent and quality services in the ever –increasing competitive market. We maintain vision. We have the right people, the strategy and the operational model to deliver on our mandate.
In a couple of months we shall be presenting to you another edition of this Magazine as it would be a bia monthly publication.
Every day we take a step forward because ours is a never ending desire to  affect our generation positively.
 I appreciate my mentors for being here today .
Big thanks to my friends and brethren who have supported this vision sacrificially.
We have come to the realization that this project we have been using to reach people on a global level needs to take a journey back home. 
Redefining   Africa to the world would not be a complete exercise without  Nigerians in Nigeria and beyond  sharing in this educative, thrilling experience.
Team Arise Afrika, members of GCFN who has been of great encouragement to me, I love you all. Thanks for your sacrifice and time, talent & treasure to ensure that this vision stands out.
A BIG thanks to all our resource persons who has sacrificed their time at no cost to educate, inform and help shape our minds towards the realization of better Imo , Southeastern Nigeria and Africa.  So you can understand why our story centered much on Imo . Ndi igbo si na ana esi na ulo mara nma puo na Ama.
Once again, thanks for honouring this invitation, to witness the unveiling of Arise Afrika.  This is another nma si na imo puta. I must end with this clarion call for us all to awaken our people from the deep slumber that we are falling into. Afrika must rise up to take its place in the pride of place in the world.  We have the resources both human and materials. We should not be limited in anyway.
In conclusion, Nigeria should not be decaying and disintegrating when the rest of the world are integrating and globalizing for synergy and mutual welfare. We as a people must, therefore, come together to design a modem African State informed by the African Arch type our ancestors left for us as inheritance and benchmark. A just pan-africanist society where 'every Blackman can stand proud'
Arise Imo
Arise 9ija
Arise Afrika

Publisher Arise Afrika Magazine/CEO GCFN Consult, Sommies Limited