Business Sense and Thinking Beyond You

Business Sense and Thinking Beyond You.

It's ok to be seek for personal gains and fame of your firm but it's of utmost importance that every entrepreneur or would-be entrepreneur  should think about his chosen business or initiative more as a gift to the entire world which he or she has been made a custodian of rather than just an idea for personal aggrandizement.

This is a mindset of big-time business people and inventors.  It's far better to start in time to think of how the world can benefit from what you have to offer rather than centering your thoughts on what the world has to offer to benefit from what you have.

When your business sense primarily focuses on adding value before taking value from society,  then you will make decisions that will stand the test of time and test of greed.

Secondly you must have to think beyond your time.  What will become of the firm you are building in the next 20 year,  then the next 50 years,  then the next 100 years.
Is your business just to exist as long as you live or will it continue for generations to come?
Thinking in this perspective will enable you frame your firm around certain core values and objectives that will stand firm in winds and in storms.

For a business or brand to last for decades  or centuries after the founder is gone,  one major value it must be built on us integrity.
Integrity is forged in the fire of truthfulness and consistency.  Truth can be buried, attacked,  libelled, slandered against,  kicked and ridiculed but at the end of all these,  truth will still survive and will become stronger and shine brighter each time.

By consistency,  I don't mean remaining stagnant on outdated ways of doing things.  I mean,  if you are known for making the best bread is town,  don't ever make good bread.

Another major value a business that will thrive beyond you must have is Satisfaction of all clients (as much as possible).  One fully satisfied client is better than 10 unsatisfied clients... In the long run.

This is very important to take note of especially for young entrepreneurs who might be lucky to get overwhelmed by rush of clients at the beginning of their business.
They might rush the job or deliver goods that are not satisfactorily done all in the bid to attend to all the customers in a short time and seemingly prove your speed.
In as much as speed of completion is complimented,  it is better you take your time to deliver a satisfactory or even excellent service or good than to rush and deliver something the client will frown at.


Make sure your business is built to serve the masses first before serving your bank account.  But remember your bank account also.

Map out value system that can ensure your business will last beyond you.  That's if you deem it necessary.  You can start with building the business around integrity.

Who wrote this?  Anaturuchi Iroapali 

Where can you find this? Arise Afrika Magazine