“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – Albert Camus.

What made poverty a permanent state in Humanity, is poverty sponsored? will all mankind on earth ever be united in wealth. Why are few so rich that they acquire things they don’t need, most of it even serves no purpose than just for mere entertainment ,and the others are so poor they can’t afford food to eat talk more of shelter or medication for their health.

Is poverty a choice of the many, out of their laziness or inability of exploiting opportunities that are present, or are many so poor hustling every day because there are no options left, I have heard so much about nations that support their unemployed citizens with enough stipends to afford a shelter, and have met people that  have worked their way from nothing to affluence with sheer hard work and frugality, are all the able bodied poor people to be blamed for being poor? Or is there a system in place that prevents them from climbing the success ladder, my private investigation on this subject has led me to the belief  that capitalism is playing a part in advancing poverty, many  Non Governmental Organization who are putting up a fight against poverty blames capitalism partially for playing a part in impoverishing many and enriching a few, exploitative government policies that milk the masses for the benefit of a few corrupt leaders  who are at the helms of affairs are also another challenge, lack of good innovative ideas or policies to promote the lot of the poor in many nations governance system is also key, so actually for those who love to play the blame game their  seems to be people ,societies or institutions to blame for the poverty that we see around us.
Are we imprisoned economically by the selfish decisions our governments and political leaders make? The idea that a few should manage the resources of a nation is it truly the best? Is our vote truly our power? Or a ploy to make us feel counted or important in a system of governance that  our voice is hardly heard unless we tow the path of violence or civil demonstrations like strike?  Poverty is not just a physical state of lack but also an emotional, psychological and spiritual condition of  emptiness.
The factors promoting poverty in the current age or civilization to name a few is
1.       Ignorance
2.       The existence of Money ( money as a constant means of extraction.)
3.       3. The concept of total ownership
4.       4. Power (centralized  system of power and its twin brother called Corruption)
5.       5.unconscious imprisonment of lofty ideas via promotion of materialism
6.       6. Multi-National Corporations un-repaid debts to Nature and their rampant damage of natural sources of livelihood for communities.
7.       Exploitation of masses for profit via unfair exchange
8.       Greed of neo-colonialism
Like Guarab Chiber asked in his article “Germany ,Spain and Greece are neighbours. do they share their prosperity?
The US and Mexico are neighbours, would they ever share their prosperity ?
The idea of inclusive growth as a society. The idea of giving back to society as duty and not charity. The idea of more you give the more you earn. The idea of respecting humans for what they are and not how rich they are.”
Many in the world are not just poor because its God’s will, we will expose each of the above mentioned subjects contribution in trapping many from defeating the challenges in their society. stay hooked to ARISE AFRIKA and Hot matters column more on this issue next edition.

Cookie Iwuoha is the Publisher of Nigerian Eye Newspapers Accra Ghana.  
He serves on the Editorial Board of GCFN Consult - the publishers of Arise Afrika. visit www.gcfnconsult.org.ng for more of his profile