Ushering as a leader. by Chi Emma Okorie

An usher is a leader.
He is a learner. A great listener to the congregation.
Very disciplined in time, character, following policies.

Tips on how to keep to time :Use of alarm clock, Ahead of time of duty schedule .
He is a good time keeper.
serving as an usher helps develop spiritual gifts. It you have a spiritual picture of what the day should look like.
Always available for God's activities. "Time table"
Compassionate. Makes to bend ears to understand her reasons. Not a command.
A leader understand when you are delegated. Be humble. Galatians 6:9-10

Ushering is an opportunity to serve those in the household of faith.
Ushers plan time. God is time. Plan around God.
Die at your post
Be consistent. 1 Choronicles 15:1
Priest, Doorkeeper, Deacon, gate keeper,

Anointing is 1st built by Ushers
Carry the ark in our dispensation .
Ushers and Worshipers are in the same family. A ministry - it runs as families. 120,220 - Ushers can not be too many.

God raise leaders. Don't raise yourself. Support your leader It is a team work. Batch 1-6. batches with leaders.

Sanctify yourself both ye and your brethren lest God will make a breach upon us for that we sought him not after the due order.
Hard work should be followed with a holy life.
A leader serves with himself as the servant. (the least) According to the speaker we should be sensitive.
2nd degree (level) of Leadership
vs 22-23 - Doorkeeper not for everyone
Ushers make the church safe.
Hold Regular meetings
Ushering is for mature Christians. Acts 6:3
Men of good repute - full of faith. "
[10/15, 5:47 PM] Ik Anyanwu: Ushering with Excellence by Pastor Barry Ryan

Ushering is building an edifice for God.
Heb 25:10 . Connect people to ministry and ministry to people.
People come as visitors and go as friends.
Ushering is an assignment, a calling

You can not give what you don't have. But you can always give what you have.
Determine to be the best Usher. I can do all things independent of circumstances.

Don't question God's choice. GOD has given you Time Talent and Treasures. Use them to serve God.

Bro Emma Okorie Speaks:Creation of Ministries.
Angels are Ushers - Serve God with a Revelational knowledge and the difference would be very glaring for all to see.
Ushering is the need of the ministry. Ushering is serving those who serve God.
Usher according to the need of the ministry so that God would be glorified.

Gen 24:1-13, 26 - 31. Ushering involves the entire ministry on everyday and time.

Ushering has gone beyond dos and don'ts.
Ushering should be with the spirit and not the head. As the head is dead without the spirit.
Vision received
Vision shared
Inputs - contribution
Give time
Fine tune - Embark

Dr Jude
"As you stand it means /represent the ministry, Christ,
you stand as appointed, you stand as example, you stand as the best, you stand outstanding, you stand dependable, you stand as epitome

Matthew 5:13 - Salt
Saltiness as a taste of godliness, light on a lamp stand

3 colours of Light - colours of God. Shine, Maintain Purity, Integrity
1 Time 3:1 Above reproach, husband of one wife, filty lucre, not money hungry
Dan 6:3-5

Insightful teaching from the Administrator of Living Word Ministries and Rector of the Living Word Training Centre, Sis Chi-Emma Okorie. Teaching on "Ushering Leadership" with text from Galatians 6:9-10, she counselled the gathering:

1. Your ushering must be built around God’s call for your life. Ushering itself is a ministry.

2. To effectively serve as an Usher, you need the spirit of Compassion. This is necessary because it makes *you deal equally with people (especially the ones in the body of Christ).

3. You must be an effective time manager. You must be accountable enough with time to make others responsible with it.

4. I don’t believe any one person is a leader. I believe everybody should be a leader. There is just the distinguished set of people every other leader accounts to.

5. I view Ushers as people who share in the responsibility of carrying the ark of God in this present dispensation. Somehow, I hold ushers responsible if the glory of God is lacking in a church service (1 Chronicles 15:1-29).

6. As an Usher, all you owe ANYBODY appointed to be your leader is your support.

7. Learn to take constructive criticisms well when they come. So long as an admonition will make you grow in your area of grace, take heed of it.

8. You cannot live any kind of life and effectively minister as an Usher. You may be hardworking, but the first thing your ushering demands from you is holiness.