One –on-one 
Can we meet you? Where were you born and how was growing up like?  
My name is Opera David Aigbirior.The last daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Aigbirior I am a music minister   and a Radio presenter with Aso Radio 93.5 fm Abuja I was born in Jos Plateau State in a family of 6  i.e. parents and four kids. Growing up was a bit normal .Nothing too spectacular because it was an average home .we never travelled out for holidays like other family I grew   up seeing things I wished I had in other children. But above all, my elder sister and I were close. It was fun I was more like a Thom boy then.Lol.   
   What university did you attend and why did you choose to attend this university? 
I attended the University of Abuja Nigeria Yes I wanted to be close to my mum and all so I picked the University of Abuja. I enjoyed my stay there o. it was wow.  
3       Do you have plans to further?
I have plans to further my education but for now, No. Music and work first, to get the money to do so.
4       When did you discover Gods call on your life to be a singer?
I discovered Gods call on my life in the line of music when I was 14years old.

5       How did it all start?
I started from the church choir. I joined everyone available. Settling targets and meeting them by Gods grace. And now, here we are.  
6. Who is the one person that motivates you to excel in life?
Truly eh, the one person that motivates me Is my mum Mrs. Florence Aigbirior. I love her to pieces. I want to give her a taste of a good life .am very hardworking to do all I can to put smiles on her face because she’s been through a lot. Am a gift from God to her. Also my husband motivates well. His words push me to excellence am blessed to be getting married to a real man like him.       
7. Tell us about your little beginning, how did you nurture your dreams?
Hmmm, about my little beginning hmmm. It is well o. Okay erm; I started singing because I loved it. But at the unset people mocked at me because of my expressional nature on stage.  I struggled with people understanding me Kai it was bad o. I remembered crying many times to God that why didn’t he make me as calm as other people. But now I give glory to God for making me Me. I just kept singing passionately, setting goals and achieving them. For instance I enter a choir and then tell myself  that in the next 6 months , I will be the leading  female  lead  singer  in it  and I work towards it  till it happens. Dou a little extended in the time frame some times, but they always come true.         
8. How do you relax? 
How do I relax? Hmmm because music is relaxing for me, so is being a presenter. But yes I flex abit  with friends ,  I see movies  once in a while  due  to  my  tight schedule,  I go to church ……Yes it relaxes  me and  motivates  me  also.  And I spend time with the people I love.
9 What kind of atmosphere inspires your songs?
Of course anointed atmosphere inspire my song but sometimes songs come to me in a bus, kitchen, bathroom or where ever. But usually when I finished praying.

10. When you are on stage ministering who do you see yourself reach out to?
When am on stage ministering, I basically connect to God, then flow to the people. I led people to enjoy his presence which is the best place to be .God always helps me do this, because on my own, I am nothing.  Am still discovering my style of music. But for now, I know that I have strength in reggae.  I am blessed for it. I do almost all. It’s beyond style for me. It’s about my message. And so far my music appeals to every age group because Gods hand is on it.  I love to share stage with Tye Tribbet because he is just like me in many ways. I can’t wait to go crazy on stage in anointed worship with Tye Tribbet.
11. What do you see yourself doing 5years from now?  in the next  five years  I see  myself  being  a blessing  to millions  in Nigeria , Africa  and outside the shores of  this continent on a regular basis. 
12. Any final words to the youths?
My final words will be always know where your strength comes from and stay connected to the flow. Remain blessed