We are delighted to introduce Arise Afrika International Magazine to you as a unique medium for securing additional reach to your potential  market.

Benefits of Advertising with Us
a. You have immediate access to a national and global readership through a state-of-the-art `medium, the World Wide Web.

b. Our online advert rates are relatively modest. A full banner advert measuring 460 x
60 pixels on our Home Page, for instance ( the top right of Our website), costs N100,000.
(..Only).   Each advert lasts for one month on the site.

c. Your ads can kill two birds with a stone by not only reaching our worldwide online readers, but also serving as direct links to your corporate websites. 

d. You have a choice of using still or animated advert designs/logos/icons, or a combination of them.

e. Using our online medium, the same rates apply to both color and black-and-white adverts

f. You have flexibility of design formats and sizes to suit your taste and special needs.

Advert Rate Online:
Half Size Leader Board(460 x 60)
1 week
$ (Coming Soon)
Square Box (200 x 200)
1 week
$ (Coming Soon)
 Banner (300 x 250)
1 week
$ (Coming Soon)

Leaderboard (728 X 90)
1 week
$ (Coming Soon)
Submission of Materials

Banner ads can be in swf,jpeg and gif format.

All materials must be deliverd via electronic.
All ads must be delivered via electronic
version, either on disk or e-mail in the ordered
pixel dimensions unless otherwise noted.
For Web Advert Details,
Contact Us for more information at
email :,
0r call 08037512288