On Saturday, July 16, 2016 the Living Word Academy Secondary, Nkwerre held her 7th Graduation/prize-giving ceremony in a grand style. A total of forty students graduated at the occasion.

The school maintained an unparalled high academic performance in their 2016/17 outings in Imo State, South East Region and National at large as follows:

    LWA Secondary, Nkwerre represented Imo State in the National “President Debate” and marvellously performed well, and are among the students representing Nigeria at the world “President Debate” in Singapore.
    In the National “Tummy Tummy” academic competition, she took the 2nd position and
    The National Cowbell “Mathematics” competition, the school took a 3rd position in the senior category. Significantly, the school has been recognized and selected by the National Mathematical Centre, covering six Local Governments in Imo State with a proposal to set up a Mathematical Laboratory, for the consistent outstanding excellent performance of the school in Mathematics competitions organized by this Federal Parastatal over the years.

Some testimonies from some of the graduating students and parents:
“I came into LWA Secondary, Nkwerre as a little girl. I went through physical, academic and spiritual transformation while here. The Principal and teachers helped nurtured me and today I am proud to be product of this great citadel of learning. The standard of discipline here is very high and it really helped me.” Miss Favour Olo Sylvester

“I entered LWA Secondary, Nkwerre shy and timed. But the school has taught me self-reliance, self-confidence, independence, and brought me closer to God. The school turned me around academically, which has taken me to places. While in the school, I excelled academically.”
Miss Sylva Aputasia

“I joined LWA Secondary, Nkwerre three years ago. I was emotionally unstable, hot tempered, socially unfit, and extremely shy. But today, the Godly spiritual environment of the school has influenced and greatly remoulded my life that I can stand before a crowd.”
Master Freedom Nwoko

“I came to LWA Secondary, Nkwerre, academically unsound and spiritually imbalance. Today, I am changed because of the Godly school environment, ready-made education tools and God-fearing staff.” Miss Ogechi Ogbeama

“LWA Secondary Nkwerre is a Godly family. I was taught Christian virtues and given a formidable foundation for life. The difference between this school and my former school is very clear. I thank God that I passed through this great institution that has changed my life.” Master Victory Isado

“I came into this school in SS1, and it is incomparable. Previously, I was ungodly and academic life was below average. But LWA Secondary, Nkwerre has nurtured and groomed me that presently, I am academically, morally and spiritually balanced.” Miss. Okehi Uchechi

“LWA Secondary, Nkwerre laid a solid foundation in my daughter’s life. I thank God for the vision bearer, Bro. Emma Okorie, who has been moulding, touching and preparing these little ones for heaven through this great vision. My daughter is now self-independent, bold, Godly and out-spoken.” Evangelist Rose Oluebube

“I have seen and I am convinced that the messiah for education is Living Word Academy system. I have seen the difference. I thank God for the Christian foundation laid in my two children who are graduating today. LWA is a model that should be emulated and appreciated. The school is the best.” Hon. Onyeji Eugene

“LWA Secondary, Nkwerre is a holistic leading education centre. My family is proud to identify with this school. My son fears God and speaks in tongues. The quality produced by this school is great. The academic performance of my son is excellent, and when he is on holidays, he helps those assumed to be his seniors in their school’s assignments.” Pastor Okezie Samuel -Zonal Pastor, RCCG

“LWA system picks them raw and transforms them through the principle of head-and-heart connection. Today, my two children are in LWA, Owerri and they are doing marvellously well. The school has no rival in education and has greatly impacted and blessed humanity. I thank God for using Bro. Emma Okorie as an instrument to bless our generation and future generation. We will continue to advertise LWA.” Prof. U. U. Chukwumeje – Head of Department, Faculty of Law, Imo State University

ADMISSION IS STILL ON. FOR FURTHER ENQUIRIES, VISIT THE SCHOOL’S OFFICE or contact Pastor Eme Ekeoma Emmanuel, the Principal of the school.