What time is it in Obowo?

The Children of Issachar understood the Times and Seasons:
What time is it in Obowo?

The Obowo people have witnessed with great satisfaction, the wheel of development that has rode along its paths; transversing the entire autonomous communities and the ancestral Onugotu of Obowo in most recent times;
The Obowo People have witnessed with great delight, the high level of human capital investment and capacity industry that have taken so many Obowo youths out of the streets;

The Obowo people have observed with great relish, the actual enablement of electrification by the purchase of 300KVA Transformers energized in most Autonomous Communities in Obowo in accordance with their respective needs for electricity;

The Obowo people have witnessed with great avidity, the indiscriminate placement of their children under scholarship both in the Secondary Schools level and the Tertiary level;
The Obowo people have watched with great ardour, the indiscriminate sponsorship of free JAMB registration for the Obowo Sons and Daughters within whose reach were scarce resources;

The Obowo people have watched with great gusto, the EMPOWERMENT of over 240 Artisans from the 22 Autonomous Communities in Obowo;

The Obowo people have recorded with great glee, the purchase of wheelchairs and motorcycles for the disabled in Obowo in demonstration of affection for the disabled;

The Obowo people have recorded with great fervour, the building of fully furnished 2 Bedroom Bungalow for some  indigent persons in Obowo;

We have recorded with great verve, the rehabilitation of Secondary School Hall in Obowo;

We have witnessed with great gratification, the construction of Ultra Modern Town Halls, Ultra Modern Lavatory for Market, pipe borne-hole water in most Autonomous Communities and Big Markets in Obowo;

We have witnessed the facilitation of the employment of our children in Federal Ministries and Parastatals, State Ministries and Parastatals, as well as private establishments;

We have made welcome, the construction of an Ultra Modern and fully equipped ICT Centre of 250 capacity in Obowo for the training of our people in embrace of ICT;

We have recorded with nods, the attraction of Fist Bank of Nigeria to Obowo and the engagement of Obowo sons and daughters in promotion of Local Content;

We have certified with delight, the sponsorship of our sons and daughters to foreign countries in search of greener pasture;

We have keenly recorded with amazement, the sponsorship of 24 Bills and 17 motions and the co-sponsorship of 72 Bills and 134 Motions at the IMO State House of Assembly, being the core assignment of a Legislator;

And having been convinced that with the spate of  rural development, human capital investment, and legislative excellence that have met the present day Obowo through our own son, Hon (Barr) Kennedy Ibeh(Nke-Nke Enyi Obowo), the Honorable Member Representing Obowo State Constituency in the IMO State House of Assembly, it is prudent and most desirable  to join hands irrespective party affiliations, to ensure Obowo becomes the envy of other Local Government Areas.

Further, in doing the above, it's expedient we guide ourselves by the appropriate timing; so much so as the Children of Issachar understood the times and seasons; to know what they should do at the right time.

Dear Good people of Obowo, I move that we subscribe to the time most apt and suitable for the uncommon development of our own Obowo. The is KEN O'CLOCK.

I am,
Kelechi Onyegbule