Governor Rochas Okorocha Becoming An Institution In Few years to come

Owelle Becoming An Institution in Few Years To Come: ImoRescueReporters

When majority of our so called leaders are busy looking for who will be their perpetual servants and help them build empires for them and their Children alone, Owelle is busy empowering his own followers especially Children and youths across the Nigerian Nation.

Today Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha received four newly inaugurated ASP of the Nigeria Police Force.
..all products of Rochas Foundation College!

Tell me any political structure that will be more powerful than Rochas Foundation College Old Students Association (ROFOSA) in few years to come when their Daddy must have succeeded in securing job opportunities for the over 15,000 students already trained through the Foundation.

These kids are being economically empowered, positioned for power and they cut across the entire Nation, Sectors of the economy and Workforce.

The other time, it was two ROFOSA students that he helped secure work for in Central Bank, can you beat that, not his children but two brilliant indigent Students trained through the Foundation up to the University level that he secured work for at the Central Bank.

I see Owelle having powerful and influential adopted kids in every sector of the Nigerian Economy in few years to come.

Owelle is building men!!!!

You will not see it now and do yours, in few years more to come, you will start complaining, he is gradually laying the foundation now through this kids that he is giving opportunity to acquire education free of charge through his Foundation and he is securing important and crucial sensitive job opportunities for them.

This was how, after Uche Nwosu identified with him many years back, he saw talent, gift and leadership in him thus kept him and gave him opportunities to proof his worth which he did and today majority feel threatened because of the young mans ascendency to power, as if it happened overnight.

He is laying another Foundation now through this kids, better do yours, don't complain tomorrow.