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-Says Ehime Mbano LGA have decided to stick with the SENATE POSITION and EMENIKE NDUBUISI.

-Ehime Mbano chapter of Action Alliance(AA), PDP MEMBERS , Others, form coalition with Ehime Mbano APC, to work and deliver Chike Okafor in Ehime Mbano .

APC structure ,Action Alliance stucture and political leaders in Ehime Mbano on saturday , 19th of February 2019 in agreement with the political leaders from Obowo took a decision to support the senatorial candidate of Action Alliance, Engr. Ndubuisi Emenike from Ehime Mbano, so that the house of representatives seat for Ehime Mbano, Ihite-Uboma and Obowo can go to the Etiti block and Chike Okafor

The perfect alliance got the endorsement of notable members of different opposition parties. A PDP chieftain in Ehime Mbano , Chief Ohamadike Magnus Orjiako described Chike Okafor as one of the best gift to Okigwe South, he declared his support for his candidature irrespective of the different political party they belong to. A notable member of the IMO APC coalition, Chief Zeek Nnadozie Martins and a former PDP Chairman in Ehime Mbano- Hon. John Ndigwe alongside some of his executive were at the event to endorse Hon. Chike Okafor for a second term. Speaking at the event, Hon. Prince Kelechi Iwueze ,the APC chairman in Ehime Mbano noted that the party in the LGA have entered into a perfect alliance with the Action Alliance (AA)political party. The APC in Ehime Mbano also endorsed the Guber Candidate of the Action Alliance, Chief Uche Nwosu, the senatorial candidate of AA; Engr. Emenike Ndubisi, and the House of Assembly candidate of AA; Hon.  Lawman Duruji. The Action alliance adopted the APC candidate for Okigwe south federal constituency; Hon. Chike Okafor as their candidate for the house of representatives seat.

Lauding the alliance , the Hon. Commissioner for science education; Hon. Emma Bukar who represents Ehime Mbano at the state executive council spoke unbehalf of Ehime Mbano leaders and noted that Ehime Mbano is better off with the SENATE SEAT they lost in 2016, and going by political realities, the house of representatives seat should remain with the Etiti block.

Other notable leaders who endorsed the alliance are Chief paschal Okezie ( Executive chairman of OBOWO LGA), Barr. Kennedy Ibeh (Member rep. Obowo State constituency) Hon. Ifeanyi Onwueyiagba (Hon. Commissioner for youths and talent development), Hon. Chidi Nwoke (APC zonal chairman, Okigwe zone ) Hon. Lawrence Duruji (Member rep. Ehime state constituency) Chief Reginald Nwosu (Executive Chairman, Ehime Mbano) Chief Ikpa Frank (Secetary to the local government), Hon. Fidelis Ukaegbu , Hon. Francis Ihechere (Retired assistant commissioner of police) President general, councillors and many more.

Alex Ogoke
Director, information and strategy

The social media news making the rounds that the Imo Guber flagbearer of the Young Progressives Party, YPP, Dr. Linus Okorie had withdrawn from the race to adopt another guber candidate has been described as total falsehood and work of mischief makers and enemies of better society in the state.

The Director Media and Publicity, Linus Okorie Campaign Organization, Mr. I.D Anyanwu stated this in a press release issued to newsmen on Friday, January 18, 2019.

According to him “Our attention has been drawn to a fake social media news to the effect that some members of Young Progressive Party (YPP) in Imo State have gone to other Party without political structures and adopted a man rejected by Ndi Imo as their Governorship candidate. Our deep felt sympathies are with them.”

Mr. Anyanwu in the release added that “If any member of the YPP in Imo State went to any other party to pledge allegiance, we want to stress at this point that such a person does not represent YPP or Dr Linus Okorie because Dr Linus Okorie and the YPP leadership are in a constant struggle to discourage political prostitution otherwise known as “Ikwo-Ose” or “Stomach Infrastructure” which has kept the State at a stagnant position in the last 16 years.”

“Our belief is that there is no candidate who is a real match, in any shape or form, for Dr Linus Okorie in our campaign to build a world class Imo with endless possibilities. Our Obstacle In Imo State is primarily the curse of instant gratification. This is our real struggle”, he continued.

He charged the public to disregard such rumours and to note that YPP is the foremost and the most Credible Party not only at the National Level but also in Imo State with Dr Linus Okorie as the most accepted Governorship candidate who is head and shoulders higher than other candidates.

“It is equally important to note that hungry politicians are right now moving from Candidate to Candidate to see where there is enough “Ose” and if they find it in a camp that has no political platform, they would collect it; they are cheap.”

“Imo Governorship is not for the highest bidder, the earlier they know that the masses cannot be bought over, the better But the more troubling question should be, why YPP? If they are not afraid of Dr Linus Okorie and the ideology of YPP to make everyone count, why are they throwing so much money to stop him?”

“Let it be on record without any doubt, that Dr Linus Okorie is leading YPP to a landslide victory and all eyes shall see it. So anyone who has shown their spirit of “Ikwo ose” at this stage will have done our great party a great service”

“This 2019 election is a Vote for a Credible, God fearing, Capable and Visionary Leader and Imo people have discovered these sterling qualities in Dr Linus Okorie on the platform of the YPP. The man that has perfected the vision to make Imo a World Class State filled with endless possibilities through massive human capital development and youth employment, attraction of global and local resources, and unleashing excellence in governance leading to a quality, productive, robust and thriving economy for all Imo people.”

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                                                                              By  JOHN, OVUNDAH W.
It is trite rule in law that in exercising authority or powers bestowed on a person or authority, such must be done within the confines of the Law giving such powers. Hence, the acting outside an established authority or limit granted by law would equate such an act as Ultra vires and the consequences therefrom would be a nullity, see Lakanmi v AG (West) (1971) U.L.L.R.
The present Federal Government of Nigeria led by President Muhammadu Buhari, intends to fight corruption and this necessitated the Promugation of Executive order No.6 in 2018, the order which allows the Federal Government to freeze or seize any asset or account of a person undergoing corruption related trials pending the final determination of the suit.
On the 14th of January, 2019, this Order was again called to effect, when the Attorney General of the federation in the person of Mr. Abubakar Malami SAN, directed the Director of the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), to freeze the Account of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onnoghen(hereinafter reffered to as CJN) pending the final determination of the case against him at the Code of Conduct Tribunal(CCT). It is in light of all these that the writer wishes to review the said Executive order no. 6 vis-à-vis the directive from the Attorney General.
In trying to do justice to the topic, we shall narrow our arguments to two questions viz;
Whether the Trial of the CJN is in fact a corruption related matter?
Whether the said Executive order applies to cases outside Corruption?
1] whether the trial of the CJN is in fact a corruption related trial?
Via s.174 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria (CFRN), The AGF is by law empower to prosecute cases either directly or through anyone in his department. This however does not foreclose the prosecution of Offence or prohibited Actions by some establish bodies, one of such bodies is the Code of Conduct bureau (CCB) via s. 3(e) of the third schedule CFRN, however, these powers is limited to contraventions of the Code of Conduct for public Officer. It therefore follows that the CCB cannot go beyond this stipulated powers granted it by law.
The CCB in line with this power therefore brought criminal charges against the CJN on grounds of non-asset declaration and the operation of domiciliary accounts in foreign currencies contrary to the Code of Conduct for Public officers (the merits or procedure of that action will not be discussed as it isn’t the aim of the paper). It is upon this charges that the AGF ordered that the Accounts of the CJN be frozen.
The major question therefore to ask is whether the trial of the CJN is infact a corruption related case so as to necessitate the operation of the said Executive order. The answer is clearly in the Negative. There exist a fundamental difference between Corruption and the failing to declare one’s asset or operating a domiciliary account. While the former is an act which seeks to undermine the Hardwork of the general populace to the advantage of a few, the latter is but a code which binds a group of people. This is similar to a work place rule or ethics (although not in substance). It therefore follows that non-members of that group or body could “commit” the said action and won’t be liable for breach of the code, however, anti-corruption is the obligation of all citizens, hence, you needn’t be part of an association to be guilty of corruption related cases.
The failure to declare ones asset is only applicable to a public officer  see s. 11 (1) and s.19(for the definition of a public officer) of the fifth schedule Part 1, CFRN and s.15(1) and (2) of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act 2004. It therefore is safe to say that the charges against the CJN is only applicable to him because of his being a public officer and not because he is a citizen of Nigeria. Hence, his alleged failing to declare his asset and his having domiciliary account with foreign currencies cannot be termed as corruption as any other Citizen can do same and not be guilty of any offence.
Similarly, the CCB is not empowered by law to investigate or prosecute corruption related issues, that responsibility is left to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) and/or the Independent Corrupt Practice Commission (ICPC) via their enabling Acts. In otherwords, the Code of Conduct Tribunal would loose substantive jurisdiction on issues related to corruption and the high courts would assume same. In all we summit that the CJN isn’t been tried for a corruption related case but for a contravention of the public officer’s Code of conduct rules.
2) Whether the Executive order applies to Cases outside Corruption Trials?
A clear and clam perusal of the Executive order can safely answer this question in the Negative. The seven section Excutive order can be read to apply only to Corruption related issues and nothing else. The extent of the said order can easily be known via the purposive rule of statutory interpretation, see Ademolekun v The council of University of Ibadan (1958) NMLR 253. The rule states clearly that in interpretating a legislation, the underlying purpose of the law must be sought.
The puropse of the executive order is cyrstal clear, that it aims at eliminating Corruption, the introductory lines of the said order thus reads;
Whereas it is the responsibility of the Federal Government of Nigeria to protect the resources of Nigeria from all forms of Corruption;
Whereas Corruption constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the well-being, national security and stability of the country’s political and economic systems, as well as its continuous existence; and must be effectively addressed;
By the powers vested in me under Section 5 of the 1999 Constitution as amended which extends to the execution and maintenance of the Constitution, all Laws made by the National Assembly (including but not limited to Section 15(5) of the Constitution)  to, abolish all corrupt practices and abuse of power,  it is the duty of any responsible government to restrict dealings in suspicious assets subject to corruption related investigation or inquiries in order to preserve same in accordance with the rule of law and to  guarantee and safeguard the fundamental human rights;
This need to fight corruption is repeated throughout the entire Order, hence,one can safely say that it’s application is limited to Corruption realted issues and not otherwise.
Flowing from our analysis  above it can be said that since the Executive order No.6 relates to only corruption related cases the punishment or consequences stated therein cannot be used for another as such would be deemed Ultra vires, hence, it is humbly submitted that the directive from the AGF ordering the Accounts of the CJN be frozen by the NFIU pending the final determination of the suit against him at the CCT is Ultra Vires and of no effect this is because the said Executive order does not cover non corruption cases and cannot be applied to it.
Assuming but not conceding that the trial of the CJN at the CCT is in fact one which relates to corruption, it still doesn’t remove the fact that the AGF fail to follow due process of law before freezing the Account. S.1(c) (iv) of the Executive order No. 6,provides for the ovtaining of a valid court order before freezing any such account intended by the Order, the section reads;
“...Where the Attorney-General has reasonable cause to believe that any funds or assets within Nigeria is connected with Corruption, the Attorney-General may, subject to his powers under Section 174 of the Constitution and other laws enabling him in that regard, approach the Court for an Order blocking or freezing or confiscating such funds or assets pending the conclusion of an investigation or legal action…”
Having regards therefore to the above it can safely be said that even where the CJN was under investigation or corrupt practices, the laid down procedure has not being followed leading to procedural ultra Vires under Administrative law, see AG Bendel v AG Federation (1982) 3NCLR 1 at 70.
Whilst it is the responsibility of the government to stamp out Corruption from the State, we humbly suggest that such obligation be carried out with due process of law and in line with the mandate or limits given by law. In a situation where we “play God” at the expense of the rule of law and due process because of our perceived desire to do “aright”, this would inevitably lead to a chaotic situation and breakdown of institutions of state.
We humbly advise the AGF to terminate that directive forwith and uphold the law for which he was appointed as Minister of Justice. The drive to play to the desires of a man or authority, shouldn’t be encouraged as laid down verifiable laws and facts should be our guiding light. The wise wisdom of Francis Becon should therefore guide us that “…in order to be just, we must cleanse our mind from all IDOLS OF THE MIND, like false fathoms we must not be swayed by any illusions that clog our perspections, but we must be swayed by only Facts…”

John, Ovundah is a student of the Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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Publisher of Arise Africa Magazine and host of  Face of Arise Africa have just announced that the next edition of the pageant will hold  in Owerri IMO State.

 Auditions for this year's edition will hold on February at Old English 4 Items Street, Ikenegbu while. Grand finale: Rock view Hotels

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Face of Arise Africa  Pageant is designed for every young person between the ages of 18 -28 years old.

It is aimed at organizing these young ladies and men towards a new order of projecting Nigeria Image and creating a platform for general entertainment.

The annual Beauty pageant is set to hold for the 3rd time in history this year.   The application form are now on sale.

The winners of the pageant shall become brand ambassadors of Arise Africa Magazine and shall  embark on charitable works, awareness campaign in a show of appreciation and give back to the community.

Arise Afrika Boss in an official press release on their website revealed that the face of Arise Africa is  the biggest scholarship pageant competition in Nigeria.

"it is not just another beauty pageant, but an towards inspiring and nurturing young, talented models as we seek to raise the beautiful continent of Africa. It is also another season to celebrate people, places and values during this season as special recognition will be given to distinguished personalities during the show " he said.

Face of Arise Africa Beauty Pageant will afford the organizers opportunity to choose a brand Ambassador who will run charitable projects within and outside Nigeria and also represent Nigeria in International competitions.
Anyanwu further explained that the Face of Arise Afrika is an answer to the quest among most youths to explore their talents and be identified as celebrities but due to the non availability of adequate platforms in Africa for self discovery, most youths never get to fulfill this dream" he concluded.

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History was made today at the Art Nouveau Event Centre, by Teachers' House NUT,  Port Harcourt Road,  Owerri venue for the official presentation of manifesto by the governorship candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo State, His Excellency, Distinguished Senator Hope Odidika Uzodinma. The occasion which witnessed the presence of prominent and critical Imo stakeholders, eminent technocrats, seasoned administrators, traditional rulers, members of professional bodies, representives of organized private sector, trade unions,  the clergy, political party members, students, was the first of its kind where a political party's candidate invites the electorate into the vision of his aspiration ahead of election.

The manifesto tagged "The New Imo Agenda- a 5 point blueprint for economic survival anchored on the tripod vision of Recovery, Reconstruction,  and Rehabilitation exposes in details the roadmap for the introduction of critical reforms that are incidental to returning Imo state to the part of good governance, rule of law and social justice.
Senator Uzodinma in explaining his determination to drive the new Imo agenda stated "You will agree with me that Imo state today is at a critical juncture requiring fundamental reforms. If there is any state in Nigeria that is desperate for a new beginning, it is Imo State. The reasons are self-evident: In the last eight years or more,  we have witnessed the slow, steady but devastating decapitation of the core values that hitherto defined our collective enterprise otherwise Imo State. We watched in bewilderment and disbelief as an insipid culture of lawlessness, neo-feudalism crept into the body fabric of our state, threatening to destroy her cherished values. Posterity will hold us responsible if we allow this charade to continue unabated"
He went further to insist that "The cumulative impact of years of unabated financial recklessness and impunity speak volume of the ultra debasement of our cherished democratic virtues, unmitigated assault on due process and rule of law, an audacious execution of an Aristocratic system of government and unfeigned greed in confiscation of public properties. Emasculation of working class and the vulnerable groups, less privilege......were part of the rot"

He reemphasise that government is not instituted to deride the people but instead to protect citizens' fundamental rights, hence the need for a new Imo State that will restore financial discipline, entrench due process and conduct government business in the most ultra transparent fashion. According to him, "we need a new Imo State that will recognize the critical role of local government councils play in downstream value chain creation. We need to urgently restore the autonomy and integrity of Local government administration in line with the constitution.....we need a New IMO state that will enthrone an exclusive governance to ensure a new culture of shared prosperity in which the common wealth of the people is made available for the good of all"
Find below the details of a well articulated 5 point agenda for a NEW IMO STATE


1.0.1The civil service structure and cognate institutions shall be overhauled to ensure a merit based civil service system for OPTIMAL real time service delivery. Prompt payment of salaries, pensions and other statutory obligations to spur civil servant to greater productivity.

1.0.2 Strict adherence to extant laws,procedure, and statues pertaining to an efficient service delivery.

1.0.3 permanent Secretaries to be reinstated as chief accounting officers of MDA's in accordance with relevant establishment guildline

1.0.4 Civil servants to be trained in tandem with the requirements of a digital technology ecosystem.

1.0.5 Hierarchy and seniority in the public service to be restored to restore discipline and resilience in public administration.

1.0.6 emoluments of core civil servants and other first-line charges shall continue to be drawn from the consolidated revenue fund (CRF) in accordance with the law.

1.0.7 Subvention or short-fall grants to scheduled bodies shall be based on the relevant statues. Such subventions shall be premised on fiscal capacity and revenue potential of the parastatal.

1.0.9 Recruitment, promotion and Discipline in the civil/public service shall be patterned To reflect the new IMO initiative. The annual performance evaluation report (APER) shall now include an objective assessment of discrete output of staff, training etc supported with concrete verifiable evidence

1.0.10 The Treasury system and financial reporting system shall be restored along with the 27 sub-treasures in the three geo political zones to ensure a seamless government downstream operations and device delivery on the rural communities .

1.0.11 Establishment of a technology support system to enhance real-time service delivery and transparency.

1.0.12 Establishment of staff housing loan scheme , vehicle advance and microcredit scheme for tenure staff in partnership with mortgage and other financial institute in the state . these shall be guaranteed by government through the DFIC

1.0.13 we shall encourage and reward hard work, resilience, honesty, and diligence through promotions and other support programmes.


2.0.1 IMO STATE EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY PROGRAMME-ISEOP: Our goal will be to turn IMO state into a knowledge driven economy and to accelerate development through manpower development. We shall restore IMO state as the nation's leading center of knowledge and enterprise.

2.0.2 for a highly functional and qualitative educational system, our new educational architecture shall focus on science and technology in line with modern digital learning ecosystem of the 21st century.

2.0.3 we shall establish skills acquisition and vocational center as well as zonal technology incubation academy (ZOTIA) to fill on current skills gaps in IMO state and by extension the nation.

2.0.4 Our new IMO educational system shall have capacity to produce a new generation of creative enterprising graduates equipped for immediate post school employment and self-reliance.

2.0.5 Our educational opportunity programme is to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship. Improved human capital is key to widespread prosperity and downstream value chain creation.

2.0.6 primary and secondary school teachers shall undertake regular mandatory continuous  professional training in order to acquire new sets of skills required in the new Digital Technology learning environment.

2.0.7 IMO educational opportunity programme (ISEOP) shall provide measured financial support to students with demonstrated competence in academics, innovative and entrepreneurship.

2.0.8 To enhance scholarship and improve on educational outcomes ISEOP shall provide other non- financial support programme to students in both primary and secondary schools. That includes mentoring , career guildance, academic support programme and counseling etc

2.0.9 Establishment of a job placement office - to enhance job search and placement , internship (IT) and other career related programme for graduates shall form an integral part of ISEOP.

2.0.10 Establishment of linkage with IMO diaspora learning centers for student exchange and technology transfer initiative in partnership with the USA , UK, China and Canada, cultural and educational programme etc

2.0.11 Development of a new curriculum for schools to integrate basic technology skills required to fit into the new digital ecosystem.

2.0.12 we shall provide digital teaching tools and equipment for improved primary and secondary schools outcomes.

2.0.13 Restoration of inspectorate division in all the zonal school board to enhance academic quality and outcomes.


3.0.1 Comprehensive medicare focused on enhance primary and secondary health care. Our new IMO health architecture shall emphasize on preventive medical care. With the first 2 yrs of our administration, we would have attained a 75% health for all (HEFA) Covering the 27 LGCs .

3.0.2 We shall within the period recruit 850 community health workers to strengthen existing primary health care work in the state.

3.0.3 In collaboration with a duly elected local government council, we shall rehabilitate, renovate and equip all the dilapidated community health centers in the 305 wards of the state, within the first year in office.

3.0.4 Run an integrated health care delivery system equipped with modern diagnostic tools CT scan, MRI, and mobile X -ray, and laboratories etc

3.0.5 provide a well equipped rapid response ambulance service in zonal divisional hospital and central rural health centers to ensure an efficient 24/7 health support services in all the local government areas.

3.0.6 Establish a value-based health care as opposed to the present "fee-for-performance model. Emphasis shall be on optimal patient .outcome, patient safety, efficient professional and dynamic work force etc

3.0.7 establishment of drug revolving trading account in the hospitals and health centers to ensure availability of life saving " essential" drug at the hospital pharmacies. Each hospital or health center shall operate a guided self accounting status to ensure  Effective administration of the drug revolving accounts.

3.0.8 Restoration of sanitary health inspection to support primary health/preventive medicare programme of government at the 305 autonomous communities of the state.

3.0.9 An urgent rehabilitation of the moribund schools of nursing, mid- wifery- in owerri, Aboh Mbaise shall in liaison with the nursing and mid-wilfery council of Nigeria (NMCN) be converted into basic collegiate level for award of diplomas etc. These very important health training institutions shall be rehabilitated and equipped within the first year of our administration to ensure early and seamless accreditation by the NMCN.

3.0.10 establishment criteria for research and integration of alternative or traditional medical practice (tradomedicine) .

3.0.11 The IMSU college of medicine, the teaching hospital at orlu, the public health lab,as well as serve as regional medical informatic centers etc. The abandoned MRI and other sensitive scanning machines shall be serviced and restored for services. We shall renew our technical partnership with Howard international medical school in Washington DC, USA and General Electric GE in USA respectively.


4.0.1 The Tripod vision of our administration is premised on economic recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation of core infrastructure and the rehabilitation of micro small medium enterprise (MSMEs)

4.0.2 Rapid economic diversification through rural urban integrated development and a shift from core public sector driven to a knowledge based economy an economic blueprint involving public private partnership (PPP) Leveraged on the 4th industrial technology.

4.0.3 Encourage private driven knowledge based economy through policy incentive. Provide enabling environment and selective policy intervention to bolster sustainable growth of MSMEs

4.0.4 Encourage diaspora rural economic partnership for investment in local government rural malls and small scale industries such as agriculture, farm settlements, etc reactivate some of the rural farmers multipurpose cooperative societies etc

4.0.5 Stimulate downstream value creation through backward integration, intervention and support to MSMEs .  Through this development initiative we shall create job opportunities for rural dwellers,etc and reduce the mass exodus from rural areas to the urban cities.

4.0.6 Ensure that Sam mbakwe international cargo airport receives URGENT federal Government support and provisions to modernize for IATA for air safety and increased traffic flow in line with the original concept and desires of the good people of IMO state.

4.0.7 Establishment of graduate entrepreneurship scheme (GES) to equip graduate with requisite sets of skills for self- employment. About 1,350 Graduates shall benefit from the initial phase of the GES government shall provide necessary guarantee for start-ups through the state owned development finance and investment corporation (DFIC)

4.0.8 Establishment of state economic development and rehabilitation council (SEDARC) to provide remedial framework and templates to redress the chronic fiscal and infrastructural deficits militating against state economic development. SEDARC shall address key economic challenges of the state: unemployment, abandoned roads in owerri, orlu and okigwe metropolis, the collapsing bridges,the abandoned otamiri water scheme etc

4.0.9 SEDARC shall undertake to identify, locate and recover public assets,as well as coordinate a full scale forensic investigation into the state finances and the veracity of the huge public debts estimated at over N200 billion as well establish the net worth of the state government as at 29th May 2019

4.0.10 SEDARC shall also recover all illegally acquired private lands, estates, etc by Government or its agents and return them to their rightful owners.

4.0.11 SEDARC shall abolish all forms of unconscionable "imperial," taxes,levies and fees other than that established by law which their application has impoverished the citizens. The state BIR shall in liaison with SEDARC developed a new IMO REVENUE MENU to accelerate IGR potential of the state.

4.0.12 Ministry of finance Incorporated (MOFI) shall in liaison with DFIC engage in active trading in Nigeria capital market and by so doing build up portfolio of quality financial assets to support treasury operation etc



5.0.2 Our Government shall be accountable to the Good people of IMO state and shall adhere to the anti- corruption mantra of our great party, APC

5.0.3 We shall dismantle all loopholes and structure that gave vent to massive looting in the public service, in still financial discipline and promote resilience. Public servants who were part of the existing looting machine in the service shall be subjected to appropriate reprimand in accordance with civil service rules etc in  tandem with our anti corruption mantra.

5.0.4 we shall conduct credible local government election in the 27 LGCs within the 12 months of our administration. Alongside, reconstitute local government joint account allocation committee (JACC) to manage and superintendent local government funds.

5.0.5 our administration shall contribute 10% of net IGR proceeds to JAAC to bolster rural economic development.

5.0.6 The autonomy of local government shall be restored and this crucial third tier of government shall be strengthen to accelerate downstream economic growth and widespread   development.
5.0.7 To ensure maximum security in IMO state, we shall IMMEDIATELY following inauguration, establish a comprehensive brand new security architecture aided by appropriate technology and modern digital tools for effective crime detection , surveillance, tracking and prosecution.

5.0.8 We shall create a neighborhood security watch a well coordinated and integrated community based intelligence gathering network operations (ICBI) in liaison with the NPF , DSS, NSCDC, NSO and some well organized private security operations code named "SAD" (Search and Destroy) a holistic combined security operations targeted at the flashpoints and vulnerable areas including hide outs,jungles,uncompleted buildings,forest,shrines ,lakes and creeks etc .it shall be a season of sadness to criminals in IMO state.

5.0.9 Community leaders, traditional rulers, town union presidents shall be fully involved in operation SAD. Community leaders shall be held responsible for any security lapses within their constituencies. Failure to report, concealing or benefiting directly or indirectly from proceeds of criminal activities shall attract maximum punishment. A cash reward shall be announced as part of whistle blowing campaign to root out criminal in the state. Our
 NEW IMO shall no longer be a haven for kidnappers, Armed robbers, cultist, yahoo plus , alibaba,  baby factory, and ritualist etc

5.0.10 As an honest and transparent government, we shall hold quarterly IMO  stakeholders forum (ISHF) To provide To provide interim government score card across all sectors and provide answers to FAQs and concerns of citizens. The state ministry of information shall likewise provide monthly briefing on government activities.

5.0.11 We believe that power belongs to the people and not the other way round. Government is not instituted to deride the people, but to protect their fundamental rights. We shall be responsible and accountable to the good people of IMO state. This is the dawn of a NEW IMO STATE. The Ibo Heartland and the land of HOPE.

Head, New Media

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